Does CBD Help Pain?

March 12, 2021

Does CBD help pain?

Since the 2018 Federal legalization of hemp derived products with low THC levels – CBD is now found everywhere and is touted to be a relieve of many symptoms such as anxiety, depression and sleep issues. In this article we deliver into the question “Does CBD help pain?”


The use of cannabis for thousands of years as a primary medicine in many cultures for pain relief is well known and documented and since its widespread adoption in the US (with 14% of the adult US population having used it) has been one of the main areas of interest.


The issue of marijuana and pain relief (more THC focused) can be read here.


In this article we focus instead on cannabidiol – better known as CBD – in terms of its potential use to treat pain.

Why use CBD for pain?

CBD is of particular interest in the treatment of pain due to the following important factors:

  • There is no evidence of addiction for CBD unlike there is for THC.
  • There are no withdrawal symptoms upon ceasing use.
  • It is Federally legal – unlike THC which is a Schedule I drug – in the same category as cocaine and heroin.
  • CBD isn’t psychoactive – so it does not get you high and there is no evidence that it poses a danger in e.g. driving.