How Marijuana Helps with Appetite Loss

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
March 12, 2021
Weed Helps Appetite Loss
Weed Helps Appetite Loss

Can Medical Marijuana Help in Treating Appetite loss in the Elderly?

We’ve heard anecdotes forever about how Marijuana helps with Appetite Loss. Now it’s no longer a punchline or aside, it’s a focus of research and therapeutic treatments.


As lots of people age, their appetites transform. Some senior citizens find themselves intending to eat less as they get older, yet– every person needs proper nourishment, especially elderly patients, who have a higher vulnerability to disease. Senior citizens with cravings troubles and their caretakers might take advantage of the appetite-boosting residential or commercial properties of cannabis. We might joke about the “munchies” from time to time, but this result can be helpful. Learn exactly how senior clients can boost their hungers using clinical marijuana.


The Main Causes of Appetite Issues in Seniors

You or your loved one might have a reduced appetite because of:

  • Changes in taste and also scent: As someone’s senses age, food begins to taste various than in the past.
  • Medications can additionally impact exactly how food tastes.
  • Oral as well as movement problems: For patients with electric motor troubles or without teeth, consuming food gets tough.
  • Reduced calorie needs: Many seniors do less physical activity than more youthful individuals. They may additionally have lower metabolic prices, so these people don’t need as lots of calories.
  • Mood conditions: The significant life changes that occur in older years can cause clinical depression or stress and anxiety. Both problems can reduce cravings.
  • Senior anorexia: Anorexia can occur as a psychological condition or a sign of a disease. A staggering 78% of anorexia-related fatalities happen to the senior.
  • Clinical conditions and treatments: End-of-life health problems like cancer can create hunger loss. Treatments like chemotherapy likewise lower the hunger.


Not every factor behind senior hunger loss shows an issue. You ought to constantly obtain in touch with a physician if you or your liked one has hunger problems.

The Efficacy of Medical Marijuana and Appetite Loss

Cannabis medication commonly functions as an appetite stimulant by:

  • Altering anandamide degrees: A hormone called leptin typically tells the body to quit eating when somebody eats enough food. However, leptin can additionally make these signals also when someone doesn’t consume adequate food. It suppresses vital anandamide signals that make you really feel starving. As an endocannabinoid, anandamide works with your cannabinoid receptors. Utilizing marijuana medication sends out compounds that resemble anandamide to your receptors, combating leptin.
  • Improving ghrelin: Your body communicates cravings utilizing a hormone called ghrelin. Marijuana medicine encourages your body to make even more ghrelin, making you feel starving.
  • Increasing taste as well as scent: If an individual has cravings concerns because of their senses, marijuana medication may help. It makes your sense of scent more powerful. When you have a boosted feeling of odor, your taste likewise boosts.
  • Enhancing dopamine production: Dopamine develops favorable feelings and also associations in our brains. When you make use of clinical marijuana, your brain makes much more dopamine, possibly giving you favorable reinforcement when you consume.


Senior citizens with hunger troubles and their caregivers might profit from the appetite-boosting properties of cannabis. Locate out exactly how elderly individuals can raise their cravings making use of medical cannabis.
Not every reason behind senior appetite loss indicates a trouble. You ought to always get in touch with a doctor if you or your enjoyed one has hunger concerns. Raising preference and also smell: If a person has hunger issues because of their senses, cannabis medication might aid.


As people age their activity levels change, and so do their interests, attention, and cognitive abilities. Their biology changes, as well, often leading to appetite loss. But a loss of appetite doesn’t have to be accepted, and isn’t necessarily a standard aging event. It can be caused by a number of different reasons, from depression to forgetting, to an inability due to underlying disorders, such as arthritis, mobility issues, and a loss of independence. The point is, you should speak with your healthcare providers and care givers to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition to maintain and even improve your health, and to determine the best course of action for treatment and management.

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