Medical Marijuana as an Effective Pain Treatment

Years worth of anecdotal proof indicate the effectiveness of cannabis to deal with persistent pain conditions. Nowadays, medical and clinical neighborhoods are overtaking what numerous marijuana advocates have actually known for many years.


What do the studies say? According to a Harvard-led evaluation of 28 research studies of cannabinoids to deal with medical and discomfort problems published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, using marijuana for persistent discomfort is supported by quality proof.

Of the studies evaluated, all six generalized chronic discomfort research studies discovered a substantial enhancement through utilizing cannabis.

In addition, a study from the University of Michigan from March 2016 and published in the Journal of Pain showed that marijuana:

  • Improved quality of life.
  • Lowered opioid usage by an average of 64 percent.
  • Reduced adverse effects of other medications.

Your body develops its own cannabis-like chemicals that affect numerous processes like swelling and pain It’s believed that marijuana works well to treat chronic pain due to these natural cannabinoid receptors all of us have within our bodies, although more research study requires to be done to ascertain exactly how cannabis works to alleviate pain.


Marijuana has been a well reported therapy for pain, from chronic to acute, for a very long time. The science is beginning to catch up and not only support these findings, but also help understand why, to begin to develop new, more effective treatments.



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