Binoid CBD Gummies Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 9, 2021
Review Binoid CBD Gummies
Review Binoid CBD Gummies

Binoid CBD gummies are magnificent and have been carefully developed and are infused with expertly extracted hemp compounds.  We will be taking a closer look at them in order for you to learn more about how they are made, what makes them stand out, and why these edibles are among the most highly sought-after gummies in our industry today.

Derived from Carefully Sourced Plant Material

Binoid’s dedication to quality begins with the sourcing of the hemp plant material, with the company finding that Oregon-grown hemp yields uniquely high and stable levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and more as a result of the unique growing conditions throughout the state.  The company maintains close working relationships with Oregon hemp farmers in order to maintain strict standards and acquire the best crops of each harvest.

100% Organic and Natural

Binoid emphasizes the importance of natural and organic ingredients, which make a big difference to the user, especially when they take gummies on a daily basis.  The hemp itself is grown organically, yielding a more nutrient-rich and chemically stable plant.  The ingredients with which the gummies are made are also organically grown, which allows the user to maintain a daily routine without putting pesticides and other toxins into their body along the way.  And, Binoid makes a point to only use natural ingredients to create their gummies, which means that there are no synthetic additives or fillers, or artificial flavors in their formulas.

Exceptionally Flavorful

Of course, even though we take CBD gummies for the properties of the hemp plant, we still want them to taste good.  The good news is that Binoid’s gummies have a reputation for being some of the tastiest on the market.  This comes largely from the carefully selected flavoring ingredients, and also from the brand’s overall dedication to producing products that hemp enthusiasts actually look forward to taking.  The gummy recipes have been tested and tweaked repeatedly to ensure that they boast mouthwatering flavor that hits the spot day after day.


Binoid offers their signature gummy formula in three distinctive flavors.  Mango is a delightful tropical twist on the classic gummy taste, while Sour Strawberry is the perfect choice for those who want some tartness alongside their sweetness.  Mixed Berry offers a fruity, juicy flavor extravaganza with the perfect balance between sweetness and tang.

Powerfully Bioavailable

Bioavailability is a term used to describe the ability of plant compounds to absorb efficiently into the body to be as effective as possible.  There are many factors that contribute to bioavailability, including the extraction method used and the quality of the raw plant material.  Binoid has a reputation for offering profoundly bioavailable products, with many people saying that the company’s gummies have proven themselves to be some of the most effective on the market.


A lot of gummies on the market are made with gelatin, which means that they aren’t vegan-friendly.  Binoid understands that vegans should have access to the same top-quality CBD products that everyone else does, which is why they’ve worked tirelessly to perfect their vegan gummy formula.  By finding plant-based alternatives to gelatin, Binoid has managed to deliver the classic, satisfying gummy texture without relying on animal products.

10mg Per Piece

Binoid’s CBD gummies contain 10 milligrams of hemp per piece, which is on the lower end of the standard daily number of milligrams.  Users can take one or two pieces per dose as needed, and because these gummies are particularly affordable, the user doesn’t have to worry about their gummy routine being too costly by doubling up on their daily amount.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

The Binoid CBD gummies are made with broad spectrum hemp extract.  This is a type of hemp extract in which the THC content of the plant has been isolated and removed, so that it’s completely THC-free.  Besides THC, broad spectrum hemp contains every desirable compound found in hemp, which means that each dose gives you not only cannabidiol, but a rich array of useful cannabinoids including CBN, CBG and CBC.  Further, each dose supplies the body with terpenes and phytonutrients, including essential fatty acids.


Each batch of hemp extract used to produce these signature gummies is tested thoroughly by a registered third-party laboratory.  This indicates that Binoid is a brand that hemp enthusiasts can trust.

Our Final Opinion

Binoid brand CBD gummies are among the most top-rated on the market, and now you can understand why.  They are extraordinarily flavorful, made with natural ingredients, vegan and bursting with high-quality, lab-tested broad spectrum hemp extract that’s loaded with exciting hemp-derived compounds.  Available in three delicious flavors, these gummies are a great addition to anyone’s daily routine.