Binoid CBD Water Soluble Drops Review

February 17, 2021
Binoid CBD Water Soluble Drops
Binoid CBD Water Soluble Drops

Binoid has continued to impress with their ever-growing lineup of quality hemp products.  One of their most advanced formulas thus far has been the Binoid CBD Water Soluble Drops, which are taken as tinctures and boast phenomenally high bioavailability rates due to their water-soluble nature.  Let’s take a look at these fascinating tinctures, which use some of the most advanced technology of today to absorb into the body more efficiently to be as effective as possible.

Water-Soluble Formula

Water-soluble CBD is a fascinating advancement in the hemp industry, relying on nanotechnology to change the molecules of the natural hemp-derived extract so that it absorbs in water rather than oil, as has been standard.  Water-soluble CBD serves the unique purpose of offering superior bioavailability, as it absorbs more easily into the body on a cellular level.  Experts argue that because of this, water-soluble CBD can absorb faster into the body for effects that are felt more quickly after dosing, and effects that are felt more strongly.  In general, water-soluble CBD is seen to be more effective over time when a daily routine is maintained.


Binoid has teamed up with leading hemp scientists to offer their selection of water-soluble tinctures, and while the process of making a tincture this way is far more time-consuming, the results are well worth it, as many of the brand’s loyal followers will tell you.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Binoid uses broad spectrum hemp extract in their formulas, which is a type of hemp extract that has had the THC fully removed.  Despite being THC-free, broad spectrum hemp maintains every other desirable compound found in industrial hemp, including a rich array of cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and flavonoids, which offer distinctive properties to the body while sharing a synergistic relationship with one another.

Delicious Flavors

One comment that we hear over and over again from those who use Binoid’s water-soluble drops is that they taste amazing.  Also, this isn’t surprising when you look at the ingredients.  Binoid relies on plant-based ingredients to flavor their tinctures, using a lot of essential oils that offer fresh, clean tastes that hit the spot.  Flavors like ginger, lemon and peppermint all offer refreshing flavor profiles that work well with the natural taste of the terpenes in the hemp plant, and never taste too sweet.

Helpful Blends

Binoid’s variety of water-soluble drops is impressive, and they really do have something for everyone.  Customers are particularly excited about their “blends,” which offer broad spectrum hemp along with other natural ingredients known for gentle yet effective properties.  Their Good Night formula uses skullcap and valerian root, two calming agents commonly used for sleep enhancement, while their Calm Day formula contains gingko balboa, ginseng, maca root and hibiscus to help get you into the right mindset to tackle the day ahead.

Clean, Natural, and Organic

Binoid’s reputation for producing some of the cleanest formulas on the market is easily verified when you look through their lists of ingredients.  For their water-soluble tinctures, like all of their products, they rely on only natural ingredients that are derived from plants.  Their formulas are famously free of fillers and additives, and not only does this translate to a product that’s better for you overall, but also one that tastes as delicious as possible.  Their ingredients are also organic, from the hemp plant itself to the various essential oils used to offer distinctive flavor properties.  These organic ingredients are pesticide-free, and may offer greater nutritional value.

Lab-Tested by a Third Party

All of the water-soluble CBD drops are tested by a third-party laboratory, which involves sending each batch of hemp extract to a certified testing facility, where the hemp is carefully analyzed for overall quality and purity.  This process establishes trust between consumer and supplier and allows customers to know exactly what to expect in terms of the quality of the CBD itself.

Refreshingly Affordable

To top it all off, Binoid’s prices are comparatively affordable, which largely comes from the fact that the company does the majority of the work in house.  The low costs are especially surprising considering the brand’s reputation for offering some of the finest, most effective hemp out there today.  Maintaining a daily routine with any of their water-soluble drops will not ruin the average enthusiast’s budget.

Our Final Opinion

Binoid’s unique take on CBD tinctures has paid off, as they have proven themselves to offer uniquely high bioavailability levels, while tasting phenomenal and being totally free of synthetic ingredients.  If that wasn’t enough, the bottles boast a great price tag, so if you’ve been looking to incorporate a new hemp tincture into your routine, you won’t be disappointed in the least.