Binoid Delta 8 Tinctures Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 14, 2021
Review Delta 8 Tinctures Binoid
Review Delta 8 Tinctures Binoid

Binoid has been leading the way in the delta 8 submarket for quite a while now, offering up some of the finest delta-8 THC products that exist, in all kinds of useful delivery methods.  Binoid delta 8 tinctures, especially, offer a longer-lasting way to experience the properties of this fascinating cannabinoid.

Compliant with Federal Law

Delta 8 THC is legal according to federal law, which says that all hemp derivatives can be sold legally as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Binoid has made sure that they do everything according to federal standards, restrictions, and guidelines, as they take their role in the hemp community seriously and want to give customers products that are completely legal, safe and legitimate overall.

Binoid Delta 8 Tinctures are Easy to Dose Out

Delta 8 is desirable in tincture form because it is particularly easy to dose out.  Binoid has made sure that dosing is accurate by using high-quality pipette caps on their bottles, which allow the user to easily grab a milliliter of oil at a time.  This helps the user maintain a consistent routine and know that each delta 8 experience will be just like the last.

Clean, Natural Ingredients

When shopping for delta 8 tinctures, and hemp products in general, it is very important to look at the other ingredients.  Sometimes, companies will use cheap filler ingredients to beef up their formulas, without adding any value to the product.  Sometimes, companies may end up using ingredients that are not actually good for one’s health in the long term.


Fortunately, Binoid emphasizes the importance of clean, natural, and plant-derived ingredients.  They do not use fillers or additives in their formulas, instead letting mother nature speak for herself.  The tinctures that they offer on their website contain all-natural formulas that are free of harsh, synthetic, and potentially harmful ingredients.

Lab-Tested Hemp

Another thing that is very important when choosing a particular delta 8 tincture is whether or not the hemp inside the formula has been properly tested by a licensed third-party laboratory.  This testing process involves sending batches of hemp extract off to a certified, registered laboratory so that it can be tested for quality and purity, as well as a chemical breakdown and potency level.  Binoid does have all of their products lab-tested, including their delta 8 tinctures, and they make lab reports accessible to customers.  Further, the delta 8 tinctures from other brands that they carry have been lab-tested as well, as Binoid refuses to work with companies that will not be transparent with customers.

Smooth and Fresh Flavor

One thing that you can always count on with the products on Binoid’s website is smooth, fresh, and clean flavor.  This has a lot to do with the ingredients that they use, but also speaks of the quality and purity of the hemp extracts found in the formulas.  The delta 8 tincture that they developed is unflavored and has the natural taste of terpenes providing its distinctive taste.  The same goes for the other delta 8 tinctures that they offer on their website, which all taste so fresh that you can tell they are made from only the finest hemp in the natural world.

Adequate Potency Levels

Potency is important, especially with delta 8.  Because delta 8 is mildly intoxicating, companies producing these products have to be particularly careful to select a milligram strength that’s appropriate for people with all tolerance levels to this cannabinoid.  The Biniod’s delta 8 tinctures offer the ideal milligram strengths for those who wish to experience the properties of delta 8.  Beginners can enjoy a gentle dose without feeling overwhelmed by these intoxicating properties, while experienced THC users can satisfy their desires in terms of the strength of the effects of delta 8.

Exceptional Prices

At Binoid, you will be delighted to find that they offer some of the best prices on the market.  The delta 8 tinctures that they carry are sold at exceptionally affordable prices, which comes from the fact that they have close relationships with other hemp retailers, and that they do most of their manufacturing in-house.  Plus, they are always offering deals to customers, such as sales on popular items.

Our Final Opinion

If you’re in the market for a delta 8 THC tincture, then you should definitely check out the selection at Binoid, where you will find a variety of quality tincture formulas made with some of the best, cleanest and most bioavailable delta 8 on the market.  Made with clean ingredients and affordably priced, it is hard to beat what they have to offer.