CBD Pharm Delta 8 Concentrates Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 17, 2021
Review CBD Pharm Concentrates Delta 8 THC
Review CBD Pharm Concentrates Delta 8 THC
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    CBD Pharm Delta 8 Concentrates Review

    If you are in the market for something particularly powerful, CBD Pharm’s delta 8 concentrates are a unique choice.  Sold as dabs, these concentrates offer the same level of quality for which the brand has become quite renowned.


    The Packaging

    You will be pleased to see that the dabs come in airtight containers that keep everything nice and fresh.  This is especially important with concentrates that can lose their potency quickly if they are not kept in a proper seal.


    The Transparency

    CBD Pharm is very transparent with customers and are proud of the fact that they use organic, domestically grown, and pharmaceutical grade hemp for all of their products. These dabs contain only pure hemp plant material without any other ingredients added.


    The Variety

    Delta 8 dabs are easier to find on the market today than they were just a few months ago, which speaks of the remarkable growth in popularity of delta-8 THC.  Still, we have to say that CBD Pharm’s dabs are among the absolute best, and one reason is the selection.  Few companies producing delta-8 THC concentrates have put effort into offering them in such a wide variety of strains, and one thing that has become clear is that today’s hemp customer is more strain-conscious than they were a couple of years ago.  Therefore, we commend CBD Pharm for giving hemp enthusiasts such a great selection of choices.


    Their Delta 8 is derived from a number of particularly desirable strains, be it indica, sativa, or hybrid-based. This shows that they do have a strong understanding of what hemp lovers want.


    The Delta 8

    The delta 8 THC itself is made using a distillate, which allows for a clean and pure extract which can then be added to the rest of the concentrate produced from the hemp flowers.  Delta-8 is psychoactive, but mildly so, and its effects may be more calming due to the presence of CBD, CBN and specific terpenes found in the strain of your choosing.



    CBD Pharm does have all of their hemp products third-party tested, and their dabs are no exception.  The company is committed to transparency, and the lab reports can be found on their website.  The delta 8 is compliant with federal laws and guidelines, containing no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC, and being produced in a licensed facility that maintains strict quality standards. 


    Flavor Profile

    When dabs are discussed, one important point is flavor.  Not only does the flavor matter in terms of your ability to enjoy the experience, but the flavor does speak of the quality and freshness of the product.  These dabs sparkle with flavor, which speaks of the exceptional terpene profiles selected, combined with how they were extracted and how recently they were extracted.  Each strain has its own complex flavor profile that is very gratifying to the taste buds, and each one is quite distinctive. 


    Overall Experience

    These dabs are definitely more geared toward experienced users who have experienced delta-8 before due to being highly concentrated and more potent than the average product formulated made with a basic delta 8 extract.  This leads to quicker effects lasting for 45 minutes to an hour, give or take.  The exact nature of the experience you will have largely depends on the strain that you have chosen.


    Our Final Opinion

    CBD Pharms’ delta 8 concentrates are, without a doubt, among the best out there.  The quality and flavor are virtually unbeatable, and it is rare to find such a great variety of strains all in one place.  They are priced quite affordably and are made with top-quality pharmaceutical grade hemp to boot. 


    So, if you are looking to experience delta-8 THC in a more potent manner, these dabs are an excellent choice, and are more than capable of satisfying your needs.