Delta Effex Tinctures Product Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 12, 2020
Review Effex Delta Tinctures
Review Effex Delta Tinctures

Delta Effex tinctures are of particular interest as they have earned a reputation for delivering a deeply satisfying delta 8 experience while boasting uniquely high quality and flavor.  Delta Effex is quickly becoming one of the top-rated hemp companies that offers delta 8 products After hearing so many great things about their tincture formulas, we decided to try them for ourselves and learn more about the individual tincture products to provide a comprehensive review.


If you’ve been on the fence about grabbing these tinctures, you will want to continue reading.

How They Work

The tinctures from Delta Effex work just like ordinary hemp tinctures made with CBD-heavy extracts, in that they absorb through the sublingual tissue, which is directly below the tongue, for high bioavailability.  But delta 8 is a compound quite different from CBD, mainly in that it’s psychoactive.  While CBD tinctures typically take effect within 30 minutes or so, tinctures can take up to a couple of hours, and provide several hours of effects as well.

Varieties They Come in

Delta Effex has released three individual delta 8 tinctures which each have a milligram strength of 1000mg.  As each bottle contains 30 milliliters, a single dose give you about 33 milligrams of delta 8.


Each variation of their tincture formula offers specific desirable effects, and this comes from their unique blend of terpenes that are sourced naturally and are kept pure throughout the manufacturing process.  The company has gone to great lengths in order to research each terpene that occurs in hemp, in order to determine which ones are the most effective at yielding specific responses in the body when consumed.

  • Chill: This is the perfect tincture formula for anyone looking to unwind, destress or even sleep. It’s formulated with calming terpenes like linalool, which comes from lavender, nerolidol, which is found in neroli, and borneol, which is a terpene derivative known for its sedative-like effects.  This tincture also has a natural grape flavor.
  • Focus: No doubt, the tincture to grab when you’re feeling sluggish or foggy, making it a great choice after a bad night’s sleep, leading up to a workout or when you’re hungover. It has a delicious spearmint flavor that is invigorating, just like the terpenes used to give it its energizing and concentration-enhancing properties.  The terpenes selected for this tincture are pulegone, cedrene and b-pinene, which are all known for uplifting the mood and enhancing focus.
  • Balance: Can’t decide between the two formulas above? Then maybe what you want is Balance, which essentially gives you the best of both worlds.  This “balancing” tincture offers a general feeling of wellness that can be useful at any time of the day.  It has a tropical passionfruit flavor that comes from the terpenes in the formula, which happen to be myrcene, caryophyllene and terpineol.


As for the quality, it’s really hard to find a single flaw in the tinctures that this company produces.  For one thing, they source their hemp from reputable farms, and they use high-end techniques to process their formulas.  They do employ lab-testing from a third party, which is basically essential for a hemp company, and the lab reports are available to those who desire to learn more.

Other Ingredients

Besides delta 8 distillate and terpenes, these tinctures contain MCT oil which acts as a carrier oil, along with hempseed oil.  That’s about as clean as you can get.

The Bottom Line

The delta 8 tinctures from Delta Effex are easily among some of the best on the market, as they have everything a hemp enthusiast could ask for, including a good potency level, exceptional terpene blends and clean ingredients all around.