Delta Effex Vape Cartridges Product Review

December 11, 2020
delta effex cartridges
delta effex cartridges

Delta Effex Vape Cartridges

Easily, the most popular way to take delta 8 THC is to vape it, and delta 8 THC cartridges are proving to be the product of choice when it comes to vaporizing this cannabinoid.  These cartridges are easy to use and conveniently disposable.  But, as one would imagine, not all delta 8 carts are created equally.


We had the pleasure of trying out the Delta 8 THC Cartridges produced by Delta Effex, a brand that has quickly risen in popularity thanks to their expertly developed delta 8 products.  We were able to try each of their cartridges, which has allowed us to provide a comprehensive review of these products for those wondering if they should give them a shot.

How They Work

The Delta 8 THC Cartridges work just like any other hemp oil cart, in that they have a 510-threaded connection which makes them universally compatible with standard hemp vaping devices that operate at low wattages.  These cartridges allow you to easily inhale the delta 8 into the lungs, which allows the effects to peak within about an hour.  The effects can stay active for up to four hours, which makes them different from CBD carts which typically wear off within 60 minutes or so.  A standard dose is one to three puffs, and beginners should start with one puff to slowly build a tolerance to the effects of this THC compound.

The Specifics

Each Delta Effex Vape Cartridges contains a full gram of delta 8 e-liquid, and you can purchase a single cartridge or opt for a 10-pack so that you can be fully stocked.

The Variety

One great advantage that these carts have is the variety of strains that they come in.  Each strain is one that is particularly popular throughout the cannabis industry, and they make sure to offer a great variety of indicas, sativas and hybrids so that every cannabis user can get what they want.  The strains consist of extracted terpenes that are blended with pure delta 8 distillate to produce specific effects.


The strains that are available are banana candy kush, razzberry kush, strawberry cough, cali orange kush, and granddaddy purp.

The Quality

In terms of the overall quality, you won’t be disappointed with any of these carts.  Quality is so important nowadays as a lot of less reputable brands are making delta 8 carts that are too cheap or weak to deliver useful effects.  Delta Effex uses an expertly developed distillation process to extract their delta 8, and they have their hemp lab-tested by a third party to verify its purity, chemical composition and general quality.  They use lab-certified delta 8, which is an important factor as some companies may be using synthetic or completely fake THC in their cartridges.

Other Ingredients

When it comes to inhaling a formula into your lungs, understandably, the other ingredients matter just as much as the hemp extracts.  Delta Effex prides themselves on using minimal ingredients in their formulas, and sticking with ones that are naturally derived as they are gentler on the body.  They take this to the right kind of extreme with these carts, as they contain only pure delta 8 distillate and terpenes.  This means you won’t be inhaling anything into your body other than hemp compounds, which is great for those sensitive to PG, VG and other commonly used vape oil ingredients.

The Bottom Line

The Delta 8 THC Cartridges from Delta Effex are easily among the best in the industry, boasting purity levels rarely seen, as well as some of the finest and most bioavailable hemp out there today.  Choose your preferred strain and find out why everyone is raving about this lineup of vape carts.