Hempire Direct Brand Overview

December 15, 2020
Hempire Direct Brand Review
Hempire Direct Brand Review

Nowadays, a lot of companies are developing delta 8 THC products as the demand for this unique hemp compound is growing at a remarkably fast pace.  One of the very first brands to launch a collection of high-quality, expertly extracted delta 8 formulas was Hempire Direct, and the company remains at the top of the market thanks to their unparalleled quality and generous variety of products that allow us to explore delta 8 in a variety of ways.


In addition to their delta 8 products, Hempire Direct offers other hemp-derived goods that are renowned for their bioavailability, flavor, and purity levels.  In short, this is a company that doesn’t cut corners to boost their profits.  Their lineup is one of the most exceptional in the industry, making them very much worth exploring if you’re someone who wants to see what the hemp plant can do for you by incorporating it into your daily routine.

Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is, without a doubt, a fast-growing submarket that lets us experience a whole new type of hemp compound.  Also, Hempire Direct was one of the very first brands to deliver a generous array of delta 8 goods, available in a wide selection of delivery methods including vaping goods, edibles, tinctures and even distillate.  Their delta 8 tinctures have the distinction of coming in a uniquely wide array of milligram strengths, which is great for those who are very particular about the type of THC experience they would like to have.


Hempire Direct also offers some of the finest CBD on the market, which comes in the form of tinctures containing both full spectrum and isolate extracts, allowing users to choose which compounds they’d like to take daily.  These tinctures boast all-natural formulas and are often lauded for their clean and fresh taste which sets them apart from many other CBD oils that exist in the industry.

Hemp Flower

If you’re a hemp purist, you’ll enjoy the generous selection of CBD flower that comes from the finest farms in the United States.  You can check out a rich variety of strains, including Indica, sativa, and hybrid, which all arrive at your door as fresh as can be.

Natural, High-Quality Ingredients

Hempire Direct is known for their high-quality formulas which rely on naturally derived, plant-based ingredients sourced thoughtfully.  These clean ingredients result in better-tasting formulas, and they also tend to be gentler on the body, which is great if you’re taking hemp on a daily basis.

Rigorously Tested

All of their products are rigorously tested by a third-party, verified laboratory, and the lab reports are available on the brand’s website to give customers the assurance that they offer only the purest, highest-quality hemp available.

Variety and Quality at Its Finest

There is plenty of good reasons why Hempire Direct remains as one of the leading sources for delta 8 THC, along with other highly sought-after hemp-based formulas made with the finest extraction methods and natural ingredients.  With such a wide range of exciting products to choose from, every hemp enthusiast is certain to find the perfect addition to their daily regimen.