Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Concentrates and Dabs Review

February 24, 2021
Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Concentrates and Dabs Review
Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Concentrates and Dabs Review

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Concentrates and Dabs Review

Those who want a more potent form of cannabidiol gravitate toward concentrates, which are, as the term implies, concentrated hemp products with far more potency.  At Industrial Hemp Farms, you will find one of the largest varieties of CBD concentrates and dabs on the market, which we will be reviewing today so that you can learn more about what they offer and why they make some of the best concentrates out there today.


CBD Concentrates and Dabs Packaging

All of the CBD concentrates available come in properly sealed packaging, offering airtight storage so that the concentrates stay perfectly fresh in transit.  They’re resealable, meaning that you can keep them just as fresh once they are in your possession.  As concentrates do degrade and lose their potency over time, it is important that they are packaged in this manner so that they maintain their quality, flavor, and concentration as they make their way to customers.

The Transparency

Industrial Hemp Farms is a very transparent company that goes into a lot of detail about how their products are made.  Their hemp comes from Colorado farms who grow their crops organically, and the company has three manufacturing facilities in the United States, where they do all of the work in-house.  This transparency is important as customers want to know how the hemp products are made to ensure that the quality is exceptional.


As we said, Industrial Hemp Farms really dazzles with their variety of concentrates.  You can find concentrates rarely available elsewhere, including CBG and CBN distillates, plus your standard CBD shatter, slab and more.  The company excels in producing distillates and isolates, which are a great choice for someone who wants versatility, as these can be used in all kinds of exciting ways depending on your needs.  They also offer a generous array of quantities, as they do both retail and wholesale, so you can really stock up if you want to.


Other Actives

The concentrates made by Industrial Hemp Farms are not enhanced with additional actives, as these are not typically found in concentrates.  Therefore, they contain nothing but properties from the hemp plant in high concentrations so you can experience stronger effects when you use them.

Overall Formula

None of these concentrates contain fillers or additives, as the whole idea of concentrates is to offer stunning purity levels that are uncut with other ingredients.  The company does not use preservatives, which can lower the purity levels and affect the flavor in a negative way. 


Industrial Hemp Farms has their CBD concentrates tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that the purity and quality levels are ideal.  The laboratory is registered with the state and analyzes each and every batch of concentrate.  Then, the lab reports are returned to the company, who has made them available to customers.  These lab reports also give a more comprehensive breakdown of the chemical compounds present in each product.

Flavor Profile

Of course, each type of concentrate is going to taste different based on how it has made.  Dabs like shatter and slab have a strong hemp flavor, while distillates and isolates are completely flavorless and odorless, being devoid of the terpenes that give the plant its natural flavor profile.

Type of Experience to Expect

Ultimately, the experience you have depends on the concentrate that you’ve chosen.  For instance, a CBD isolate is only going to give you the effects of CBD, while shatter will give you the full properties of the plant as each compound is present.  Generally, though, we can say that concentrates do act more quickly and feel more potent than straight flower or oils, again because of the remarkably high potency levels.  The effects are relatively short-lived when you vape or smoke them, and last far longer when you consume them in an edible.

Our Final Opinion on Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Concentrates and Dabs

IHF CBD concentrates are exceptional, offering great selection, quality, and potency, while having something for everyone.  If you’ve been wanting to take your CBD routine to a new level in terms of strength of effects, check out the concentrate options from Industrial Hemp Farms to find one that will easily fit into your routine.  With such phenomenal bioavailability, you will certainly enjoy whichever one selected.