Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Gummies Review

February 24, 2021
Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Gummies Review
Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Gummies Review

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Gummies Review

There is no doubt that CBD gummies are more popular than ever before, but with the popularity of this product comes a dizzying variety of formulas competing for our attention.  If you’re looking for some of the best and cleanest gummies on the market today, then you will wanna explore the CBD gummies from Industrial Hemp Farms, a company renowned for their stellar products and traceability.

The Packaging

All of the gummies from Industrial Hemp Farms arrive in a fully airtight sealed jar, which properly preserves the freshness of both the compounds and the potency levels of the compounds, which can and will degrade if stored improperly.  Therefore, you can count on a fully fresh and potent product, not to mention a flavorful one, when it arrives at your door. 

The Transparency

Industrial Hemp Farms excels in the transparency department, making customers feel confident that they know exactly what they are buying and how it was made.  The company makes it clear that they work with Colorado-based organic hemp farmers, and produce their products in-house, having three manufacturing facilities in the United States.  The formula is totally made in the USA, and the ingredients are clearly listed to give you the full picture of what you’re putting into your body.


IHF CBD Gummies are available in a huge array of quantities per order, as they offer both wholesale and retail options.  You can choose from 50 to 5,000 gummies, with the gummy bears containing 10 milligrams of hemp, and the letters containing 25 milligrams per piece. 


Other Actives

These CBD gummies are not enhanced with further active ingredients, as this isn’t necessary.  Some gummies on the market will provide you with a blend of active ingredients to produce specific desired effects, but these gummies are marketed toward those who just want the straight hemp plant with its wide array of dazzling properties.  Therefore, the formula is minimal, as many people want it to be.

Overall Formula

Industrial Hemp Farms clearly states what is inside their gummies, and the ingredients are clean.  They contain CBD isolate, MCT oil, natural flavoring and other ingredients commonly found in gummy candies.  Basically, you do not have to worry about questionable filler ingredients or additives that ruin the quality of the product, give an off taste, or put you at risk of some type of harm.  They’re high-quality ingredients that are all domestically sourced, which lends itself to a great formula overall.


Industrial Hemp Farms is serious about lab-testing and offers lab reports to customers.  They send each batch of hemp extract to a third-party testing facility that is licensed with the state to test the hemp plant.  The testing process involves seeking out impurities or other indications of low quality, and also checking the breakdown of chemical compounds in the product.  Thesee lab reports provided indicate that the hemp in this formula is of exceptional overall quality.

Flavor Profile

If you enjoy the taste of fruity gummy candies, then you will not be disappointed with this gummy formula.  The multi-fruit flavor really does allow each piece to taste unique, and you can certainly tell that the company put effort into producing a tasty flavor to make each gummy a mouthwatering experience.

Type of Experience to Expect

CBD gummies fall under the category of edibles, and so it can take about 90 minutes for the effects to kick in, which last for up to 8 hours while feeling a bit more subtle in the system.  They are great for all-day hemp activation in the body, and these gummies have a high bioavailability rate which means that you can really expect to get the results that are typical with cannabinoids. 

Our Final Opinion

The CBD gummies from Industrial Hemp Farms provides users with everything they could ask for when seeking out edibles containing cannabidiol.  The formula is clean, the hemp is lab-tested and organic, and they taste absolutely delicious.  They really don’t leave anything to be desired, and you can choose from a huge array of quantities, with each piece containing the perfect daily amount of carefully extracted CBD isolate, thus making them a great choice for anyone’s daily regimen.