Koi CBD Hemp Flower Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
March 18, 2021
CBD Hemp Flowes KOI Review
CBD Hemp Flowes KOI Review

Koi CBD Hemp Flower Review

CBD flower has been having a series moment for quite a while now, and more companies are embracing the trend with their own unique take on this type of product.  At the forefront is Koi, a brand that has been in the hemp business for years and earned a stellar reputation through selling only top-shelf hemp goods. Koi CBD Hemp Flower offers distinctively high quality and freshness and is considered among the best on the market.

The Packaging

When it comes to the packaging of Koi CBD Hemp Flower, there is really nothing that disappoints.  For one thing, the labels cover all of the important information about what is inside, including the quantity, strain and more. Furthermore, the products are sealed in airtight containers that keep the product inside nice and fresh, which is especially important when it comes to flower as it can degrade quickly and thus lose its effectiveness.

The Transparency

Koi is a company that is extremely transparent, and values traceability in order to build customer trust. The company is incredibly detailed about how they make their products, starting with how they source their hemp plant material from experienced farmers, all the way to the strains that they use for their flower. In short, the company is honest and upfront in a way that makes us feel more comfortable choosing them.


Koi CBD Hemp Flower comes in a few different varieties so that you can personalize your flower routine. For one thing, you can choose between loose bud (4 grams) and pre-rolls (1 gram per roll, available in singles and 5-packs) based on how you’d like to experience the flower.  Second, you can choose between two strains: Legendary OG and Sour Space Candy.

Other Actives

The Koi CBD Hemp Flower does not contain any other active ingredients. This simply isn’t necessary, because hemp flower is all about experiencing pure CBD flower compounds that have not been diluted in any way.

Overall Formula

CBD flower is supposed to consist only of pure flower product, so Koi is doing the right thing by not adding any ingredients to their flower. In other words, the only ingredient present is raw hemp plant material.


Koi, like any good hemp company, has their hemp flower tested rigorously by a third-party laboratory that is registered with the department of agriculture.  This testing process allows the company to get unbiased information about the quality of the flower, which is then shared with customers.

Flavor Profile

The Koi CBD Hemp Flower has the natural flavor profile of the hemp plant, as no other flavoring ingredients are present in these products.  Hemp gets its taste from its terpene content, and because the CBD flower from Koi is so fresh, the flavor profile is remarkably complex and rich, not to mention smooth. Each of the two strains has its own distinctive flavor profile due to the fact that each one has its own terpene composition.

Type of Experience to Expect

CBD flower offers the most bioavailable way to consume the hemp plant, so you may notice slightly more calming properties when you smoke or vape it.  The effects tend to kick in within just a few minutes, as is the nature with all inhalable products, and last for about an hour or so, without ever feeling too heavy in the body.

Our Final Opinion

The Koi CBD Hemp Flower is among the finest hemp flower available, coming from trusted hemp farmers and being sealed properly in order to be as fresh as possible. Whether you like to smoke or vape your CBD flower, you’re likely to be extremely pleased with this offering from one of the most trusted brands in the business.