Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 Flower and Pre-Roll Review

February 24, 2021
Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 Flower and Pre-Roll Review
Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 Flower and Pre-Roll Review

Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 Flower and Pre-Roll Review

There is a growing trend toward non-traditional hemp products, like delta 8-infused goods along with pure CBD flower, which offers the many compounds of the hemp plant in their purest forms.  Also, few companies have proven themselves to understand what today’s hemp enthusiast wants like Mr. Hemp Flower.


While this company has provided us with one of the largest arrays of loose buds around, we will be focusing on their delta 8 and pre-roll products, which can offer a lot to those who want more out of the hemp plant.

Mr. Hemp Flower

Mr. Hemp Flower has become one of the most trusted names in the CBD world, with their strict quality standards and emphasis on working with only the most experienced, reputable hemp farmers in the country.  Their hemp is derived domestically from Oregon, Washington State and Colorado, where ideal growing conditions yield better-quality, more stable crops.


Over the years, Mr. Hemp Flower has expanded their catalog to offer a wider selection of hemp products, while staying true to their original mission, which was to provide the most natural, unprocessed hemp available on the market today.  While their selection of flower strains is nothing short of extraordinary, their other offerings are proving to be just as impressive.


One thing that customers continuously note about Mr. Hemp Flower is their selection of more unusual products, including various concentrates that are hard to find on the market, along with strains that are rarely seen in the form of loose buds.  Mr. Hemp Flower clearly cares about the consumer, which is why they go to great length to provide the effects of the hemp plant in as many variations as possible.

The Delta 8 at Mr. Hemp Flower

First, let’s talk about the selection of delta 8 products that these guys provide.  One thing that we love is that Mr. Hemp Flower offers a selection of delta 8 goods rarely found elsewhere, including concentrates made in-house, and a particularly tasty delta 8 peanut brittle, alongside more standard products like gummies, vape carts and the like.


All of the delta 8 products available here are compliant with federal law, and must undergo rigorous third-party testing before being released onto the market.  This is critical, as delta 8 is still a pretty new introduction to the hemp scene.


Their vape carts are growing in popularity, as they come in a uniquely wide variety of delicious, terpene-packed strains, and offer a user-friendly way to experience the properties of delta 8.  The fact that they provide gummies that are vegan earns them extra points, as most gummies on the market today are made with gelatin, an animal-derived product.


The delta 8 flower which they offer comes in different strains, including Elektra and Sour Candy, which gives users the ability to experience delta-8 THC in all kinds of different ways.  These flower products take the raw buds of the hemp plant and infuse them with a clean, potent, and carefully extracted delta-8 distillate that is found to boast sublime purity levels.


The Pre-Rolls at Mr. Hemp Flower

Now, let’s move onto their pre-rolls.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, pre-rolls take the buds of hemp and roll them into paper so that they can easily be smoked with just about zero effort on the user’s part.


These pre-rolls come in an absolutely mind-boggling variety of strains, which is exactly what a lot of hemp users nowadays desire.  You will find all kinds of sativa, indica and hybrid options to satisfy your more precise goals with the hemp plant.  The paper itself is all-natural and burns evenly so that you get as much pleasure as possible out of each and every puff.


The pre-rolls are also generally stuffed to the brim, which means that you get quite a lot of value out of each one.  Alos, the convenience factor is hard to deny, as not all of us have time to grind our own buds and carefully role them into thin paper.


We love the fact that these pre-rolls come in various quantities, ranging from 1 piece to a pack of 10.  Wholesale options are also available.

Our Final Opinion

Mr. Hemp Flower has proven that they know what they are doing when it comes to the hemp plant, and this is especially evident in their exceptional flower buds, along with their pre-rolls and delta 8 products.  The bottom line is that anyone looking to explore the properties of hemp can do so in a wide variety of ways to suit their more particular needs and goals.  We encourage you to check out these categories of products that they offer.