Urb Brand Overview

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 14, 2021
Overview URB Cannabis Brand
Overview URB Cannabis Brand
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    For those who follow the Delta 8 industry we present an Urb Brand Overview and discuss the company’s products and quality.

    Anyone who follows the hemp market knows that delta-8 THC is the next big thing, offering a unique cannabinoid experience that’s mildly psychoactive, and capable of delivering useful properties to the body’s nervous system. .   Delta 8 is now more widely available than ever before and predicted to only grow from here.  While many hemp companies are now offering their own unique formulas containing delta-8 THC, there is one brand that’s been leading the way since long before most of us even heard of the compound, and that brand is Urb.


    Urb is a lineup of delta 8 products produced by the parent company CBD Pharm, whose reputation is almost unmatched.  CBD Pharm’s claim to fame has been using only pharmaceutical grade hemp material, which yields a purer, cleaner and higher-quality product.  The products from Urb are made with the same high standards and attention to detail, thus offering a superior delta 8 experience.


    About Urb

    Urb was one of the first brands launched specifically for the purpose of producing delta 8 products, and their vape cartridges didn’t take long to become highly sought-after goods among those looking to experience the unique effects of this cannabinoid.  Urb actually offers a generous array of products in various delivery methods, all made with exceptional manufacturing methods that ensure that hemp lovers’ needs are met.


    Products Available from Urb

    Urb’s product lineup is nothing short of impressive, offering a huge selection of formulas that allow delta 8 to be absorbed into the body in a plethora of ways.  Not only that, but they offer some incredibly unique and rare delta 8 products that can’t really be found elsewhere. 


    For instance, their nano drops act like delta 8 tinctures, but they are produced using advanced nanotechnology to become water-soluble, thus being extremely bioavailable for more effectiveness and potency. 


    You can also find delta 8 dabs in a variety of strains, as well as moon rocks, which are hemp flower buds infused with delta 8 distillate and rolled in kief.  Also, chocolate lovers will have a hard time resisting Urb’s delta 8-infused chocolate bars, in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate options.


    More traditional products that are nonetheless worth trying to include their famous lineup of carts in popular strains, as well as gummies, pre-rolls and flower.  If you are the type of hemp enthusiast who is particular about their strains, then you’ll appreciate Urb even more, as they do go above and beyond to offer as wide of a selection as possible to satisfy all kinds of specific needs.  Their gummies come in a rich selection of flavors that include ones that are highly unique, such as Strawnana Smoothie.



    Urb, as we said, is produced by CBD Pharm, and their reputation for quality has been off the charts for quite a while.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that Urb’s quality level is just as spectacular.  It all starts with the hemp plant itself, of course, which the brand derives from trusted domestic farmers who use organic growing methods to ensure superior products free of harmful ingredients like pesticides.  The delta 8 extraction process is highly advanced, carefully isolating the compound and concentrating it while maintaining its crucial chemical stability.  The delta 8 extracts produced by the brand are sent off to a third-party lab in small batches so that they may be thoroughly analyzed for purity levels and chemical breakdown, and Urb does share these lab reports with customers.


    The ingredients with which the delta 8 is combined to produce the company’s formulas are equally excellent.  The brand prefers natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the system.  Their delta 8 vape carts are not cut with fillers and additives that take away from the potency, flavor, and overall purity levels, and you can taste and feel the difference.  All of their edible products are made with high-end ingredients that are easily digested by the body, and nothing that they produce is ever cloyingly sweet.  In essence, they really put a lot of work into ensuring that their products are as pure, natural and minimalistic as possible, in order to let the delta 8 speak for itself.


    The products are made in small batches, which means that you can expect notable freshness no matter which product you choose.  Freshness is important with delta 8, as over time, the compound degrades and loses its potency. 


    Our Final Opinion

    Urb’s delta 8 products are easily among the best that the market has to offer, and they’ve worked hard to offer a stunning selection that has something for everyone.  Their quality is absolutely phenomenal, and their practices are solid, making them a company that you can trust.  It’s hard to find a delta 8 product in their catalog that won’t give you a satisfying delta 8 experience.