10pc - Colored Concentrate Storage Jar - 7mL / Colors Vary


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The 10pc – Colored Concentrate Storage Jar is the perfect solution for storing and organizing your concentrates. With its vibrant colors and convenient size, this storage jar is a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast.

Technical Specifications:

  • Materials: High-quality, durable plastic.
  • Secure screw-top lid.
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This post is intended as information and for general knowledge only. Use this product responsibly and in conjunction with state and federal laws. All our smoking equipment may only be used with tobacco and other legal smoking substances. It is recommended that you talk to a healthcare professional before introducing cannabinoids into your daily routine, especially if you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions or are under any medication. It is not recommended to drive or operate any machinery when using cannabis- or hemp-derived products. The user assumes all risks in any way associated with the use of this product. Use responsibly!

10pc – Colored Concentrate Storage Jar: Features

This Colored Concentrate Storage Jar is designed to keep your concentrates fresh and potent. Its compact size makes it easy to take on the go, whether you’re traveling or simply need a discreet option for daily use. The screw-top lid ensures a tight seal, preventing any odors or leaks from escaping. Plus, with its vibrant colors, this storage jar adds a fun and stylish touch to your cannabis accessories collection.

The Colored Concentrate Storage offers several features that set it apart from other storage options. Firstly, its 7mL capacity provides ample space for your concentrates, allowing you to store a generous amount without worrying about running out. Additionally, the high-quality plastic materials used in its construction ensure durability and longevity. This storage jar is built to withstand daily use, keeping your concentrates safe and secure. Lastly, the colors of the jars vary, providing a fun surprise every time you order.

What is So Special about 10pc – Colored Concentrate Storage Jar?

The 10pc Colored Concentrate Storage Jars offer a practical and colorful solution for storing your concentrates, waxes, and oils. With a 7mL capacity, these jars are versatile, making them suitable for both travel and home use. The variety of available colors allows you to choose the ones that suit your style. Each order includes ten jars, providing ample storage options for different concentrates or strains.

These jars are crafted from high-quality, non-reactive materials that maintain the integrity of your concentrates, ensuring their quality remains uncompromised. Whether you’re a casual user or a dedicated enthusiast, these Colored Concentrate Storage Jars are a valuable addition to your cannabis accessories, offering secure and stylish storage for your concentrates.

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