Grateful Dead 2024 Wall Calendar - 12" x 12"


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Immerse yourself in the iconic world of the Grateful Dead with the Grateful Dead 2024 Wall Calendar. Measuring 12″ x 12″, this calendar is more than just a timekeeper; it’s a visual journey through the legendary band’s history. Each month showcases vibrant and psychedelic artwork, capturing the essence of the Grateful Dead’s music and culture. Elevate your space with the timeless imagery of this wall calendar, and let the spirit of the Dead guide you through the year.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″
Format: Wall Calendar
Printing: High-quality, full-color printing
Binding: Stapled
Paper Type: Premium glossy paper


Cover: Sturdy cardstock with a glossy finish
Pages: High-quality, thick paper for durability
Printing: Eco-friendly, vibrant inks for vivid artwork

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Grateful Dead 2024 Wall Calendar: Features


Iconic Artwork: Each month features vibrant and iconic Grateful Dead artwork, creating a visually stunning experience.
Large Dimensions: The 12″ x 12″ size provides ample space for detailed imagery and easy readability.
Durable Construction: Sturdy cardstock cover and premium glossy paper ensure long-lasting durability.
Full-Color Printing: High-quality, full-color printing enhances the richness of the artwork.
Officially Licensed: An officially licensed product, guaranteeing authentic and authorized Grateful Dead imagery.


Limited Writing Space: The emphasis on artwork may limit available writing space for personal notes.
Specific Theme: May cater more to Grateful Dead enthusiasts, making it a niche product.

Grateful Dead 2024 Wall Calendar: What is So Special

The Grateful Dead 2024 Wall Calendar stands out with its distinctive features:

Visual Journey: A visual journey through the Grateful Dead’s legacy, showcasing iconic imagery that captures the band’s spirit.
Official Licensing: Authentically licensed with official Grateful Dead artwork, ensuring the calendar’s legitimacy.
Collector’s Item: Doubles as a collector’s item for fans of the band, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.
Psychedelic Aesthetic: Reflects the psychedelic and artistic aesthetic that defines the Grateful Dead’s cultural impact.
Transform your living space into a haven of musical nostalgia with the Grateful Dead 2024 Wall Calendar, a must-have for fans and admirers of the legendary band.

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