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Immerse yourself in the luxurious smoking experience offered by the GRAV® Smoke Empress. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, this water pipe combines form and function to deliver a smooth and refined session. The GRAV® Smoke Empress is not just a smoking accessory; it’s a statement piece for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Technical Specifications:

Materials: Exquisite borosilicate glass and durable silicone components harmonize to create a visually stunning and robust smoking device.

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This post is intended as information and for general knowledge only. Use this product responsibly and in conjunction with state and federal laws. All our smoking equipment may only be used with tobacco and other legal smoking substances. It is recommended that you talk to a healthcare professional before introducing cannabinoids into your daily routine, especially if you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions or are under any medication. It is not recommended to drive or operate any machinery when using cannabis- or hemp-derived products. The user assumes all risks in any way associated with the use of this product. Use responsibly!

GRAV® Smoke Empress: Features


  • Elegance Redefined: The GRAV® Smoke Empress is a visual masterpiece, combining artistic design with practical functionality.
  • Smooth Smoking Experience: Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this water pipe ensures a silky-smooth draw with every use.
  • Durable Construction: The combination of premium materials makes the GRAV® Smoke Empress a sturdy and long-lasting smoking companion.
  • Easy to Clean: The detachable components make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a consistently pure smoking experience.


  • High-End Price: The GRAV® Smoke Empress reflects luxury, but it comes with a premium price tag.
  • Requires Careful Handling: Given its delicate design, this water pipe demands careful handling to prevent accidental breakage.

GRAV® Smoke Empress: Technical Specifications

  • Height: Specify height in inches or centimeters
  • Weight: Specify weight in ounces or grams
  • Percolator Type: Specify percolator type, e.g., inline, honeycomb
    Joint Size: Specify joint size in millimeters
  • Bowl Type: Specify bowl type, e.g., funnel, cone
  • Ice Catcher: Yes/No
  • Additional Features: Specify any additional features, e.g., splash guard, diffuser

This exquisitely crafted smoking device exemplifies GRAV®’s commitment to quality and design. Elevate your smoking experience with the GRAV® Smoke Empress, a true masterpiece in the world of water pipes.

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