Krypted CBD CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder - 1 Gram

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Introducing Krypted CBD CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder, a true delight for CBD enthusiasts seeking the essence of OG Kush in a convenient, versatile form. This 1-gram treasure offers the purest form of CBD isolate infused with the iconic OG Kush terpene profile, providing an authentic and flavorful experience. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of CBD, Krypted CBD Concentrate delivers a premium and customizable journey into the benefits of CBD.

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What is So Special about Krypted CBD CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder – 1 Gram?

Krypted CBD CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder stands out as a remarkable product that combines the purest form of CBD isolate with the iconic OG Kush terpene profile. What makes it truly special is the fusion of CBD’s potential benefits with the classic and distinct flavor of OG Kush. This combination provides a unique and authentic CBD experience, unlike any other isolate powder.

The versatility of Krypted CBD Concentrate is another key feature that sets it apart. The fine powder consistency allows you to explore various consumption methods, from mixing it into your favorite beverages to crafting your own CBD-infused recipes. Plus, with rigorous lab testing to ensure purity and non-detectable THC content, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD with confidence.

 Krypted CBD CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder Р1 Gram offers a premium and customizable CBD journey. Its purity, flavor, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for both experienced CBD users and newcomers looking to explore the world of CBD-infused delights.

Technical Specifications:

CBD Content: 99%+ pure CBD isolate

Volume: 1 gram of CBD isolate powder

Terpene Profile: OG Kush, for a classic and distinct flavor

THC Content: Non-detectable, 0% THC

Extraction Method: CO2 extraction for maximum purity

Consistency: Fine powder for easy mixing and dosing

Lab Tested: Rigorous testing ensures quality and purity

Usage: Versatile – mix with beverages, create your own edibles, or use as a dietary supplement

Krypted CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder offers a unique blend of purity and flavor. With its 99%+ pure CBD content and the addition of OG Kush terpenes, you can enjoy the potential benefits of CBD while savoring the signature taste of this legendary strain. The fine powder consistency allows for effortless customization, whether you’re adding it to your morning coffee, crafting your own CBD-infused recipes, or simply using it as a dietary supplement.


High CBD concentration for maximum benefits

Authentic OG Kush flavor enhances the CBD experience

Virtually THC-free, ensuring no psychoactive effects

Fine powder consistency for easy and precise dosing

Versatile use in various applications

Rigorous lab testing guarantees quality and purity


Some users may prefer a full-spectrum CBD product for the entourage effect

Fine powder form may require careful handling for accurate dosing


Krypted CBD Concentrate OG Kush Isolate Powder boasts 99%+ pure CBD isolate for uncompromised purity.The infusion of OG Kush terpenes adds a classic and distinct flavor to your CBD experience.Non-detectable THC content ensures you can enjoy CBD without any psychoactive effects.Fine powder consistency allows for easy mixing and dosing in various applications.

Whether you’re sipping it in a beverage or creating your own CBD-infused recipes, the possibilities are endless.

Rigorous lab testing ensures that you receive the highest quality and purest CBD isolate.

Lab Reports

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