Maniacal Monster 3D Painted Beaker Water Pipe - 10" / Designs Vary


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The Maniacal Monster 3D Painted Beaker Water Pipe – 10″ / Designs Vary is a truly unique and eye-catching piece of craftsmanship. With its intricate 3D painted design and beaker shape, this water pipe is not only a functional smoking tool but also a work of art. The design of the pipe varies, so you can expect to receive a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to impress.

Technical Specifications:

Materials: This water pipe is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The body of the pipe is made from thick, sturdy glass, while the 3D painted design is expertly applied to create a visually stunning effect.

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Maniacal Monster 3D Painted Beaker Water Pipe – 10″ / Designs Vary: Features

The Maniacal Monster 3D Painted Beaker Water Pipe – 10″ / Designs Vary is not your average water pipe. Its unique design, featuring a 3D painted monster, sets it apart from other smoking devices on the market. The beaker shape provides stability and allows for a larger water volume, resulting in cooler and smoother hits. The downstem and bowl are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The pipe stands at 10 inches tall, making it a portable and convenient option for on-the-go smoking sessions. With its attention-grabbing design and functionality, this water pipe is sure to become a favorite among smoking enthusiasts.


  • Eye-catching 3D painted design
  • Thick, durable glass construction
  • Beaker shape provides stability and cooler hits
  • Removable downstem and bowl for easy cleaning
  • Portable size for on-the-go use


  • Design varies, so the pipe received may not be exactly as pictured
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance

Maniacal Monster 3D Painted Beaker Water Pipe – 10″ / Designs Vary: Technical Specifications

  • Height: 10 inches
  • Material: Glass
  • Design: 3D painted monster (designs vary)
  • Shape: Beaker
  • Removable: downstem and bowl
  • Joint Size: 14mm female joint
  • Bowl Size: 14mm male bowl
  • Weight: Approximately 1 pound

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