Cannabis and Right to Try

  • The short answer is: It’s not eligible.
  • The explanation is a bit more elaborate.

RTT is made to assist in accessibility to specific investigational drugs via straight interactions in between individuals, their physicians and medicine sponsors — the FDA is not involved in these choices.

Businesses that establish medications and biologics, likewise known as enrollers, can give information regarding whether their drug/biologic is taken into consideration an eligible investigational drug under RTT as well as if they are able to provide the drug/biologic under the RTT Act.

Right to Try

So is Cannabis included?

Not really, no. In order to qualify under the “right to try”, an eligible patient has to have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease or condition and have used all other options currently available without success. The patient also has to be deemed ineligible for any clinical trials.

But the main requirement for “Right to Try” is that a drug must have completed the Phase 1 FDA clinical trial process. So that means pretty much no.

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