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3Chi Comfortably Numb Delta 8 THC:CBN Gummies

by 3Chi


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Do you want to try something amazing? 3Chi Comfortably Numb Gummy is the perfect way to relax when having a rough day. Combining D8 THC and CBN, they deliver comfortable sensations that will leave you feeling focused and relieved. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or just want to wind down after a long day, Comfortably Numb 3Chi Gummies might be a possible relief.

Serving  Service: ½ or 1 gummy. 

Content Per One Gummy: 25mg (12.5mg D8:12.5mg CBN).

Total Content: 400mg (200mg D8:200mg CBN).

Features of 3Chi Comfortably Numb Delta 8 THC:CBN Gummies

These chewies come in a convenient, resealable package with 16 total pieces in each. The sensations you might feel are extremely long-lasting and consistent with smooth, calm, and relaxing body feelings. Their benefits also include:

  • Convenient to use. No rolling, no smoking, no preparation. Just eat one (or two, depending on your tolerance and previous experience), and you are all set.
  • No lung damage. Unlike vaping, smoking, or other inhaling methods, gummies are a perfect choice if you want to lessen adverse effects on the lungs or are sensitive to smoking.
  • An excellent choice for social gatherings. Easy to share and have fun together without any trouble.
  • No harsh chemicals. Only top-quality ingredients.

The chewies are in a resealable bag to help maintain freshness. 

What to expect from 3Chi Comfortably Numb Delta 8 THC:CBN Gummies?

If you are new to edibles, start with half a gummy to test your tolerance. With time, you can raise the dosage to get the desirable effects. Some other possible effects include:

  • Relaxation. One of the most common effects of delta-8 is full-body relief.
  • Motivation. Say “no” to procrastination, and get some energy and creativity to do what needs to be done.
  • Euphoria. Feeling great and a bit high is something often needed after a looong day.
  • Pain relief. Like other cannabinoids, CBN particularly showed positive results in relieving muscle and joint pain.
  • Neuroprotective. A study as of 2005 suggests CBN is helpful in delaying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Delta-8 has been reported to have mild adverse effects compared to delta-9 THC, making it a nice choice to enjoy all the hemp features.

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Paul R.
2 years ago
Great for sleep

I find that once dozing off these help me stay asleep. I like them.

Cory S.
2 years ago
My go to gummies for chronic pain

I use this mainly to help with autoimmune inflammation and pain; I love that I can take one and still be completely functional for work. Added bonus, these do nice things for my libido.

Lisa F.
2 years ago

We love this company this product covers it all anxiety stress sleep .taste is great .quality is wonderful. Fast shipping and great coupons each time. I would recommend to anyone reading this review. The buzz effect is highly noticeable

Nick M.
2 years ago

Helps me stay focused and relaxed. Not afraid to try new things too

Freida M.
2 years ago

Excellent for when you're trying to unwind.

Sarah I.
2 years ago

These allow for ultimate relaxation. However, they have at times given me motivation for creativity and organization. I've slept more soundly on days that I have had these. I recommend for anyone looking for an overall peaceful feeling.

Clint A.
2 years ago

These are very mellow gummies – I would take these for good sleep, not necessarily to get a good fuzzy feeling. I sleep great with these and the flavor is delicious!

Melinda K.
2 years ago

These were very good. Great for someone who has a low tolerance. The low dosage just makes me eat more. Taste was great. Very good smooth vibe. No anxiety!

Jose P.
2 years ago

These gummies taste great and leave you feeling even better. Be careful though they might put you to sleep!

Julia D.
2 years ago

The 3Chi help with my anxiety and sleep.

2 years ago
Will order again

These gummies taste great and worked quickly to ease my anxiety.

Paula V.
2 years ago
Perfect for relaxing into sleep at the end of the day

Exactly perfect for chilling out before drifting off to sleep. And tastes great too! I'd order more with current discount if they weren't out of stock.

Asako V.
2 years ago

tastes great, sleep good & feel awesome

Janet E.
2 years ago

Love these gummies. Best sleep ever with no sluggish feeling in the morning like when I was taking Benedryl. I'll be a life long customer!!!

B. C.
2 years ago
Finally Sleeping!

This was an incredible solution to my anxiety-related insomnia! I am so grateful to finally get a full night's sleep without interruption – thanks to this wonderful product!

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