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Binoid Water-Soluble CBD Drops-Peppermint


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The Binoid Water-Soluble CBD Oil Peppermint Drops use broad spectrum CBD paired 100% organic essential oil to create the best tasting CBD tinctures on the market.

This Peppermint CBD oil drop can be taken under the tongue or mixed into any beverage of your choice for easy use. Binoid Water-Soluble CBD drops are changing the CBD oil game, and are 4-5x more effective than regular CBD oils.

Binoid products are third-party lab tested, cGMP Certified, and Made in the USA.

Peppermint Flavor Profile: Refreshing and Clean

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Binoid Water-Soluble CBD Drops-Peppermint


Enjoy the taste of our refreshing Peppermint CBD Water-Soluble Drops. Crafted with premium broad spectrum CBD, paired with 100% organic and pure peppermint essential oil – this Binoid Drop is the ultimate experience of CBD, flavor, and versatility.

Our drops are created without oil, making them a healthier and cleaner option than traditional CBD oils.

Made to mix with any detox juice, tea, coffee or water. Cocktails well with our Orange Drops. This product is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, kosher, and THC-free.


100% ORGANIC PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: Fresh, clean, and cool.

BROAD SPECTRUM FORMULA: Contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids & terpenes of hemp, except ZERO THC.

WATER – SOLUBLE: Easier, faster and more effective bodily absorption.

MADE WITHOUT OIL: Healthier and cleaner than CBD oils.

CULTIVATED IN THE USA: Utilizes the finest and select high quality Hemp plants in Oregon.

Lab Tested Certified Organic Non Gmo All Natural Cbd Oil


1. As Tincture Drops: Shake very well before mixing in liquid or dropping under tongue. This activates the beneficial cannabinoids.

2. Take 1-2 servings or droppers (1-2mL) daily. Drop in liquid and stir well or hold under tongue for 20 seconds prior to swallowing.

3. Adjust Dosage if necessary depending on desired effect.

4. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

* Binoid CBD Drops are to be taken under the tongue.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, 100% Organic Peppermint Essential Oil Flavor, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Polysorbate 80

2 years ago
Great purchase

good taste…really helps with arthritis pain and sleep…fair price…will buy again

Rebecca K.
3 years ago

My husband needs this to help him get through the day with less pain. Thanks.

Linda G.
3 years ago
Binoid drops

I definitely love my binoid drops AND the company! I went a week without my drops when I went on a cruise because cbd drops are not allowed on a cruise. I hated that because I had to resort to tylenol and/or ibuprophen for my pain, and it did not help near as effectively as the binoid cbd drops. When I got home I opened a new bottle I had received the week before, and it had something red in it. I went on the website and had a chat with a service rep and they told me that they would gladly replace it and expedite shipping. I got it within 3 days and they also sent me another bottle of the ginger drops as well as the peppermint drops they were replacing! To say I am impressed with their quick service and their way of handling the whole situation is putting it very mildly! I didn't even have to send back the bottle that was bad. So quick, easy, smooth, and the greatest customer service!!! These drops help me manage my pain so much more effectively than any over the counter pain medicine or even any prescription meds. And, I feel so much better taking these knowing I do not have to worry about bad side effects!

Hannah T.
3 years ago
Love my binoid peppermint cbd drop

This cbd drop tastes so good and makes me feel amazing! I take it everyday and really helps curb my anxiety and sleep insomnia. i add the peppermint to my water every night before bed. this does the trick for me and will get more when i run out

Linda M.
3 years ago
Love the taste

I love the drops, they work well for my pain. The only issue I have is that the dropper will not fill all the way to the 1.0. and it is also very hard to get the the amount you are supposed to get, out of the dropper.

Allyson S.
4 years ago
only cbd product that has worked for me

the only cbd product I tried that has actually helped with my anxiety and restless sleep. I started taking the peppermint with my tea every night and I don't wake up in the middle of the nights anymore it's a miracle. but i also noticed I didnt have to take as much as I did with regular Cbd oils because this is more effective

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