Fortified Sour Glue Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Fortified Sour Glue Delta-8 Hemp Flower combines all the best from a hybrid Sour Glue strain and Delta-8 THC. A pleasant diesel smell will bring you back to the good old days, and the fortified formula with strong effects will get you “glued” and relaxed.

You might feel: tingly, uplifted, and euphoric.

Flavors: lemon, lime, diesel.

Terpenes: Caryophyllene (pepper), Limonene (citrus), Humulene (hoppy).

Helps with: cramps, anxiety, and stress.

Possible side effects: dry mouth.

Ingredients: 8.5% CBD, 6.7% delta-8 THC, 16.9% Total Cannabinoids

3.5 Grams - 1/8th oz
7 Grams - 1/4th oz
14 Grams - 1/2 oz
28 Grams - 1 oz

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What is Sour Glue Delta 8 Hemp Flower?

Sour glue is a hybrid cannabis strain famous for its potent high. Sour glue is a cross of Sour Diesel and another hybrid, GG4. Its taste is something that will leave no one unimpressed: sweet and sour with a mellow finish of diesel. Users might also feel some chocolate notes (as a gift from GG4), pine, and hash.

Best Sour Glue delta 8 flower time would be when it is a late-night stay at home, and you have nothing to do: a potent and heavy high will gradually make you, so to say, “glued” to the couch while giving you the feeling of euphoria from the very first hit. Among other sensations, you might also feel tingly and uplifted. 

Why Choose Fortified Sour Glue Delta 8 flower?

According to users’ reviews and comments, Fortified Sour Glue is an experience hard to forget, considering that cannabis products can themselves be a very individual experience. Every person will find something deep and special in this flower.

Industrial Hemp Farms as a manufacturer means high-quality hemp and hemp-derived products with potent effects. Having all their products been lab-tested, one may be sure what exactly they are getting.

Being high in both CBD and delta-8 THC, this flower provides you with all their benefits without the negative effects that come with the use of standard delta-9 THC. Many would use CBD and delta-8 products to treat mental conditions like addiction and depression.

In addition, it can be said that Sour Glue delta 8 is a versatile product: its high cannabinoid content makes it an excellent option for both medical and recreational users, and it can be used in a variety of ways. 

Benefits of Sour Glue Delta 8 Flower

First of all, as mainly CBD product with a delta-9 THC level of less than 0.3%, it makes Fortified Sour Glue Delta-8 Hemp Flower federally legal. Indeed, several states are applying their own regulations and restrictions, but this situation is changing daily.

When using the Sour Glue delta 8, you may expect to feel:

  • Relaxed;
  • Tingly;
  • Uplifted;
  • Glued.

However, your own experience might also differ, as every person has their own cannabinoid tolerance and responses.

Delta-8 THC, apart from everything, also has a positive therapeutic effect for boosting appetite, being anti-inflammatory, and helping those who suffer from vomiting or nausea due to various reasons, including side effects of some medications, motion sickness, or a symptom of some other medical condition.|

Other ranges of using delta 8 THC as additional treatment would include anxiety and panic attacks, stress, depression and bipolar disorder, and chronic pain. Many Sour Glue users also claim that this product has helped them with cramps.

That being said, the effects of delta-8-THC are not the same compared of delta-9-THC, which is much more potent. Users also claim to have an easier experience with an emphasis on not having the adverse effects when consuming delta-9-THC. 

Disclaimer: delta-8 THC may react with some medications, so it is advised to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before consuming delta-8 pre-rolls. Driving or machinery operating is also not recommended. Use responsibly!

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