Fortified Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower‍
Fortified Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower‍
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Fortified Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower‍

$6.99 $6.29

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Introducing to you something interesting to spice up your day? We’ve got something for you –  Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower! A truly fantastic treat! This product with a berry-sweet aroma is amazing for those who want to relax and focus or those who want to get creative. Don’t wait any longer; add some Fortified Special Sauce Hemp Flower to your life today!

You might feel: relaxed, sleepy, and focused.

Flavors: tobacco, menthol, and spicy/herbal.

Terpenes: Myrcene (herbal), Caryophyllene (pepper), and Pinene (pine).

Helps with: stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Possible side effects: dizziness, headache, and paranoia.

Fortified Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower Benefits

This Delta 8 Special Sauce is an amazing CBD boost, especially for people with anxiety. It is also a good choice for folks who are new to cannabis and want to ease in gently into their cannabis journey. It’s a potent blend that may provide relief from many symptoms but is also very approachable for newbies. Its sweet and hoppy aromas will not leave you disappointed.

Fortified Special Sauce CBD/Delta 8 Hemp Flower Effects

Special Sauce CBD Flower is a great combination of CBD and Delta-8 THC, providing its consumers with possible fantastic effects of both, including:

  • Relaxation. One of the most common effects of delta-8 is full-body relief.
  • Motivation. Say “no” to procrastination, and get some energy and creativity to do what needs to be done.
  • Euphoria. Feeling great and a bit high is something often needed after a looong day.
  • Stress relief. Leave your worries behind and enjoy total relaxation.
  • Pain management. CBD can be used as an additional help to fight chronic pain, arthritis, and severe headache, including migraine.
  • Sleep improvement. A recent study has concluded that CBD can help improve sleep problems and can be used for general health and well-being.

Delta-8 also has fewer adverse effects in comparison to delta-9 THC. There might be a positive effect of delta-8 THC and CBD in treating nausea and vomiting, especially in patients undergoing chemotherapy.