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Bundle up our amazing Binoid HHC vape cartridges and save big. Get 4 pack or 8 pack options for a great price.

  • 4 Pack: 1 Sunset Sherbert, 1 Hawaiian Sunrise, 1 Cali Gold, 1 Lucid Blue
  • 8 Pack: 2 Sunset Sherbert, 2 Hawaiian Sunrise, 2 Cali Gold, 2 Lucid Blue

Binoid HHC Vape Cartridges use premium 94% HHC, with 6% cannabis terpenes.

***If you want to exchange any of our new flavors or get specific flavors leave it in the notes section after you add to cart, or message us. You can mix and match as much as you wish up to 4 or 8. 

Buy 2 and save 10% or 3+ and save 15%
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Hybrid: Cali Gold, Gorilla Glue

Indica: Sunset Sherbert

Sativa: Hawaiian Sunrise, Lucid Blue, Super Silver Haze

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Wilhelm S.
1 year ago
HHC just great

I have pain in my legs arms and back. Two or three hits and I can enjoy the day . it's great!

Melissa W.
1 year ago
Great quality

This is the closest thing I've found to Delta 9 THC but I find it way more functional. Sunset Sherbert is perfect before bedtime and the Hawaiian Sunrise was so lovely in the morning with my coffee. Will definitely be ordering more. I only wish we could select which carts we want in the bundles.

Scott W.
1 year ago

These are great! Binoid has the best products out there. Shipping is super fast

Samuel Q.
1 year ago
hhc not great

i don't like this hhc, doesn't taste good or feel good, would not get again

Billy S.
1 year ago

The ONE and ONLY negative thing I can say about this company is that the four cartridges they sent me weren't the same strands (I think that's what it would be called?) that I intentionally purchased from their website. They didn't send the Hawaiian sunrise cart which is the one I wanted most and instead they sent the silver haze. I get it that they could be busy and ran out of that specific one, but I wish they would have at least told me about. I'm not complaining at all because other than that little mixup everything else was perfect. I was shocked at how quick they shipped out their products. Unless this company and Amazon start working together, I don't see myself buying from anywhere else.

April H.
1 year ago
Good product

I like the HHC, it's smoother hitting and gives a nice lift.
Getting the bundle makes the price even better.

Torie K.
1 year ago

I requested silver haze instead of the Hawaiian sunset. Didn't happen. Still a great product.

Jake C.
1 year ago

The hits aren't harsh, and the calm feeling after is great, just wish the effects would last longer. With that said the quality is good but the customer support is great, had a cart that wasn't made correctly and they fixed it no hassle.

Greg E.
1 year ago

The HHC are good , but not quite THC-P . The usual quick shipping by Binoid is appreciated.

Thomas W.
1 year ago

I enjoyed this product very much. The taste was amazing and the buzz was really good but not to strong
Great quality for the price

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