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Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 CBD Hash

Mr. Hemp Flower’s Afghani CBD Delta 8 Hash brings together hundreds of years of hashish production with the modern mellow effects of Delta 8 THC hash concentrate. This high-quality CBD Hash with fruity and floral notes is a favorite among smokers everywhere.

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What is Special About Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 CBD Hash?

The first thing smokers might notice about Mr. Hemp Flower’s Afghani CBD Hash is the beautiful floral smell with hints of a sweet and fruity aftertaste. This is because the trichomes, which contain the terpenes responsible for smell, have been carefully sifted to produce the Afghani Hashish brick. 

Afghani hash is hailed for its beautiful greenish-black color, fittingly called Chars in the Pashto Afghani language. For years, the people of Afghanistan have found ways to use all the parts of the cannabis plant to create powerful products, and Afghani hash is just one of those byproducts.

Afghani hash is made through a careful process of sifting the cannabis flowers through a fine mesh. Mr. Hemp Flower’s hash includes beautifully full hemp flowers with only 0.3% THC content.

The flower’s trichomes then fall through the fine mesh, leaving you with a fine powder that can then be compressed into a solid, beautiful block of Afghani Hash.

Mr. Hemp Flower Delta 8 CBD Hash: How It Feels?

Mr. Hemp’s Flower Hash stands out as containing one of the highest concentrations of D8 THC at a whopping 50.41%! When smoking this product, users may experience feelings such as:

  • Intense relaxation;
  • Euphoria;
  • A mellowing effect;
  • Calmer thoughts.

This product also contains 11% of  CBD, which can help to provide relief from:

  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Moderate to severe pain.

Mr. Hemp Flower’s Delta 8 CBD Hash is one of the best on the market for people who want to relax, unwind, and experience the very best quality, thanks to years of Afghani hash production! Get your hands on this beautiful hash today!

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Anthony W.
2 years ago
Best shit you can legally buy. I've turned the mailman into my delivery man.

It tastes like real hash. Hits a little faster melts faster then the real deal but it's so damn close it makes you look twice like damn is this really hemp based? Bought this product many times now and will continue to buy. Price is a little steep but worth it in my opinion.

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