Pineapple Jack Delta 10 Disposable (2g)


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Looking to feel a sense of balance? Pineapple Jack 2 Gram D10 Disposable is the product to achieve a balanced effect through relaxation of the mind relief with a sense of euphoria. This quick hitting strain will lead to an immediate feeling of relaxation and warming sensation. Pineapple Jack has an aroma of that classic pineapple taste we all know and love.

Each disposable contains a pre-filled cartridge containing only pure hemp compounds without any cutting agents or flavor additives. Every 2 gram contains 2000mg total so that you can feel the effects of these compounds to their fullest potential.

PURLYF Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape Pen Features:

2 gram.
Currently testing at over 90% Δ10THC.
Easy to Use.
Discreet and Travel-Friendly. COAs –

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