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Binoid Sour Cherry Lime THC-O Gummies

Introducing delicious chewy candies to brighten your day and bring a bit more to it – Binoid Cherry Lime THC-O gummies – you can be sure that you are getting a top-quality product with great effects. Sour Cherry Lime THC-O Gummies are a good choice for experienced users and who consider smoking and other delivery methods quite off-putting. They are going to give you cheerful and playful sensations. Go ahead and try them now!

You might feel: playful, curious, and euphoric.

Flavors: fresh cherry and lime.


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Features of Binoid Sour Cherry Lime THC-O Gummies

These gummies have a great sweet flavor, as well as rich THC-O content. THC-O gummies are said to provide encouraging sensations with a soothing body buzz. Besides, gummies overall also have the following features:

  • Amazing taste. Just simply delicious.
  • Convenient to use. No rolling, no smoking, no preparation.
  • No lung damage. Unlike vaping, smoking, or other inhaling methods, gummies are a perfect choice if you want to lessen adverse effects on the lungs or are sensitive to smoking.
  • 100% vegan and gluten-free.
  • No harsh chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or metals. Only top-quality ingredients.

It is also important to keep in mind that chewies often look quite appealing, so it is advised to store them so that kids and pets would not be able to reach them.

What to Expect from Binoid Sour Cherry Lime THC-O Gummies?

THC-O-acetate is psychoactive, but as we know, the specific effects of a psychoactive substance can vary. What’s important to know about THC-O is that it was developed to be 3x as psychoactive as delta-9 THC – this means that unlike delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC, THC-O is not associated with a mild high by comparison. 

  • Highly potent. Some compare its effect to a light dose of LSD, making you curious, playful, and keen to touch, feel, and stare at everything in wonder.
  • Mostly legal, as it is derived from hemp and has fewer problems than delta-9 THC.
  • Relatively safe. It indeed might have some common side effects as any cannabis product, but overall it is claimed to be safe. Although there is no conclusive research on its absolute safety, it is promising that there have not been any cases of overdosing with THC-O.
  • Unique cannabinoid. Although its effects are yet to be studied, it will for sure surprise you.
  • Easy to produce. Easier to be produced in large quantities, THC-O will be more affordable and standardized.

THC-O is a powerfully psychoactive compound compared to all of the other forms of THC which have been widely available on the market. This means that you need to be particularly conscious of how much you take, especially if you’re a beginner. The key takeaway is that this is a cannabinoid that you want to incorporate gradually to ensure that you always feel in control of the experience that it can provide.

It is better to consult your healthcare provider before introducing THC-O products into your routine, especially if you are under other meds. Driving, operating other machinery, or consuming alcohol is also not advised. 

The information here is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as information and is intended only for general knowledge. It is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Use responsibly!

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William A.
1 year ago
Imo very good bsf.

The taste is exactly cherry with tart lime. By far the best cherry flavored gummy.
Very good head and body high 1 is enough 2 will get you to don't drive. And not eating it for 24 hrs will reset your tolerance back so no more having to take more and more to get the effect.
Shipping well it's USPS so may be it will or won't be delivered as expected delivery date.
Definitely a try.
Rebuy for me for sure.

Anthony S.
1 year ago

Faster shipping compared to other competitors in Cali. Product is good

David M.
1 year ago
A+ for these Gummies!

Great tasting dummies. On par with the best I buy at my local dispensaries. The effects are pretty kind as well. Hard too believe this is a "synthetic" THC. Packs a super nice punch. Great value for what you get as well.

James M.
1 year ago
A great D8 alternative with the same effects

Very nice. Felt about the same as D8 to me, but i loved this flavor!

Robert B.
1 year ago

Relieved my pain and helped me sleep like a baby.

Curtis B.
1 year ago

Excellent service, excellent effects. Highly recommended. Taste is perfect

Chris S.
1 year ago
Excellent, as always.

As always, everything from Binoid products is of fantastic quality. These gummies in particular are not my favorite flavor, but the effects are exactly what I expected. Also, they come in a sealed package, which is reassuring. Thanks again to the folks @ Binoid!

Jonathan M.
1 year ago
Delicious with no weird taste.

Product works great. Tastes great and is very effective. Ordering was simple and easy.

Phil B.
1 year ago
Good Product

Great Cherry flavor with soothing mellow and slightly psychodelic effects. This is a great product I would highly recommend to anyone interested. Maybe start with taking just a half of one at first until you know what you are getting in to. Order some now.

Jo F.
1 year ago
BINOID THC-0 gummies are 😋 yum.

These tast great and they really help my mood. I have terrible body joint pain from arthritis and degenerative disk disorder in my neck. So yes I am moody person according to the level of my pain . Binoid's THC-O gummies are awesome.

Robin G.
1 year ago
Took a while to work...

Took a while to work but slides in to a nice, mellow feeling within 90 minutes. Taste is good.

Frank G.
1 year ago
Great Product

Love these THC-O Gummies. Stronger than regular Delta Gummies, but really nice lates back smooth effect. Highly recommend!

Daniel B.
1 year ago

these are great just do you self the favor and just buy them if you are second guessing it !!!
(yes I had one before writing this review)

Charles A.
1 year ago
Great for chilling out and quelling anxiety

Admittedly tried these on a lark, but I am stoked with these gummies. Effects hit pretty quickly. They really help with my focus later in the day and general anxiety issues. Highly recommend if you need helping chilling out. Also, the actual gummies are great–great flavor and texture.

Dawn E.
1 year ago

Love the taste of the cherry lime gummies. No after taste at all! Will be ordering more.

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