Urb CBD CBG Hemp Flower Packs

Stormy Daniels Indica
Jupiter Indica
Charlotte's Wife Sativa
White Whale Sativa
Mountain Mango Hybrid


The Urb CBD CBG Hemp Flower Packages are great for CBD enthusiasts and connoisseurs and offers a variety of flavors and strains to elevate mind and body.

  • 3.5g per package
  • Available in 5 different varieties
  • Also Contains CBG and Delta 9 THC
  • Locally sourced, organic, pesticide free
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Urb CBD CBG Hemp Flower Packs

Strain Information

Stormy Daniels CBD Flower

Crossbreed of Trump 1 x Cherry Blossom, Stormy Daniels is an Indica dominant strain.

Jupiter Indica CBD Flower

OG Kush Precursor, Jupiter is an Indica dominant strain.

Charlotte’s Wife CBD Flower

Sativa dominant strain with herbal dank and piney terpenes

White Whale CBG Flower

A CBG flower with sativa dominant strain. It’s sweet and citrusy, hoppy and berry aroma.

Mountain Mango CBD Flower

Crossbreed of White Widow x Sensi Mango Hybrid.

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