ACDC Cannabis Strain

August 27, 2020
Weed Strain ACDC Review
Weed Strain ACDC Review

Those who are seeking out a high-CBD, low-THC strain really can’t go wrong with ACDC, one of the all-time favorites for cannabidiol enthusiasts. Known for its unbelievable variety of valuable effects, paired with its smooth flavor, it’s the type of strain that will have you rocking and rolling in no time.

What is ACDC?

The award-winning ACDC Cannabis strain is a hybrid of the Ruderalis and the Cannatonic strain, meaning that it’s a 50/50 split of sativa and indica, although in some instances it may lean a little higher towards the sativa.  This strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards for its high CBD content.

It’s got a unique combination of effects due to it having an extremely high CBD levels, at about 20% compared to most others averaging at about 0.05%, with a very low THC level, at 1-6%, giving you plenty of benefits without the psychoactive effects – in other words, the “high” typically associated with marijuana.

Overall, this is less of a recreational strain, and more of a therapeutic or medicinal marijuana strain.  In terms of its appearance, it’s fairly standard as a mossy yellow-green bud with orange hairs.

What Does ACDC Taste and Smell Like?

The ACDC strain has a robust combination of flavor and scent, ranging from earthy and skunky, to sweet and fruity.  Recognizing the flavors depends on how you consume it, and those smoking it might notice a cherry or lemongrass scent that comes through strongly.  For most, though, it’s a generalized woody flavor.  ACDC isn’t one of the strains selected for its flavor.

ACDC Cannabis Strain Uses

Because of the high CBD and low TCH combination of this strain, the ACDC Cannabis Strain isn’t typically a choice for the recreational users, and more geared towards medicinal and therapeutic uses, a true medical marijuana product, and should be considered more along the lines of a hemp flower product.

This strain is a great choice for those starting with Medial Marijuana because it really takes the concerns and fears some may have away, due to the high CBD therapeutic benefits and low THC, which is so often a concern of patients when they first begin using medical marijuana. It’s also a frequent selection of edible bakers because of the high CBD, low THC and few side effects.

What are ACDC’s Effects?

Because of the high CBD and low TCH combination of this strain, ACDC isn’t typically a choice for the recreational users out there, as it’s more geared toward medicinal and therapeutic uses, and should be treated as something more along the lines of a hemp flower product.  Because of the high CBD content, it can be useful to those who benefit from cannabidiol, including those looking for relief from stress, pain and symptoms of epilepsy.

This strain is a great choice for those starting out as medical marijuana beginners, because it really takes away the concerns and fears associated with trying THC for the first time.  It’s also a frequent selection of edible bakers because of the high CBD and few side effects.

So, what should you expect using this strain?  As a hybrid, it’s known to offer feelings of peace, euphoria, relaxation, enhanced sociability, improved focus, reduced tension in the body and mind, and a feeling of being clear-minded without any kind of couchlock or heavy sedation.

You will begin to notice a slight “crash” as the effect wears off, and that may include a slight sense of drowsiness, which can be timed deliberately if desired to help with a better night’s sleep.

Growing the ACDC Cannabis Strain

The plant is bushy and thin, and also has feathery leaves that can grow as high as four feet tall.  The skunk variety plant has big colas, and the leaves may have a hint of purple in it. The nugs are smallish, about the size of a thumb.

The ACDC cannabis strain flowers at about 9-10 weeks, perhaps a bit later in colder climates or conditions.

Growing the strain will require attention and maintenance.  Because it grows to about four feet you’ll want to brace/prop it and give it a platform to grow.  Adding magnesium and calcium will help ensure a healthy, hearty plant.  It delivers an average yield.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it tends to do better indoors, in a controlled environment that keeps bugs and diseases at bay while maintaining a consistent temperature and environment, although it may reduce the yield from an average of 16 ounces outdoors to about 14 ounces indoors, per square meter.  Plus, being a high maintenance strain to grow, probably isn’t the best strain for newbies.

ACDC: A Rockin’ Good Low-THC Option

ACDC is an undeniably phenomenal choice for CBD lovers, as well as total beginners who want to really ease their way into THC.  Its balanced hybrid effects make it a crowd-pleaser, and it’s loaded with potential benefits thanks to having some of the highest levels of cannabidiol you can find in a flower product.  All in all, it’s hard to be let down with this one, unless, of course, you’re looking for a powerful high, which ACDC simply cannot provide.