Gelato Strain

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
September 11, 2020
Weed Strain Gelato, Cannabis Art
Weed Strain Gelato, Cannabis Art

Just the mention of the name, “Gelato”, makes you think of brightly colored sweet desserts, happiness, vacation, and exotic locations.  The strain lives up to the name wholeheartedly with a delicious flavor and absolutely magnificent effects that transport you to somewhere magical.  Let’s look more closely at Gelato, to help you understand why it’s one of the top-rated strains of all time.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is an iconic cultivar that is a beautifully balanced combination of its parent strains, Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie.  The taste is matched by its punch, as with 20-25% THC, it gives you a fast-acting effect that takes your mind to the delicious relaxation that matches the flavor.  It’s a 55% indica, 45% sativa-dominant hybrid.  The strain, sometimes referred to as the Larry Bird (because the jersey number aligns with one of the most popular genotypes, #33), is a favorite for social and recreational users, as well as medical marijuana users.

The Gelato Strain lives up to its name even in appearance.  It looks like ice cream and sherbet, with thick, bushy nugs covered with vibrant colors, from deep green leaves to purple hues and a speckling of bright orange pistils.  The purple is even more vibrant in strains that are grown in colder environments, because the anthocyanins are activated by colder temperatures.  Of course, the presentation is topped off with the enticing “sprinkles” that are the sticky crystal-like coatings of the trichomes, but they aren’t overpowering, and complement the burst of colors.

What Does Gelato Taste and Smell Like?

We have to talk about the flavor of this cannabis strain, without a doubt.  What else would you expect from a strain called Gelato other than something fruity and sweet?  Sure, there’s the woody flavor of weed, but the aroma is overpoweringly sweet, with notes of lavender and a variety of citrus.  And let’s not forget, it has the hint of its parent strains, the Sherbet and Thin Mint flavors, with a bit of the spicy, hoppy flavor from the terpenes.

When the buds are broken up or ground, you’ll smell more of the distinctive musky earthy flavor, but fear not, as the smooth, sweet taste leaves the creamy sensation even after smoking it.  Still, the smoke is distinctive, and the telltale marijuana smell lingers, so be sure to know that before smoking it if you have any concerns around being discreet.

Gelato Cannabis Strain Uses

The THC levels and hybrid balance, coupled with the waves of the way the strain, beginning with a head rush that then eases into a gradual body buzz that you can feel happening, make the Gelato Strain a favorite choice for medicinal purposes as well as recreational uses.

Since this strain has a powerful numbing effect, it is particularly helpful as a treatment for aches and pains.

Since it’s a potent strain, the Gelato strain is sought after by experienced cannabis users. If you’re new to cannabis, or sensitive to the effects, you should monitor your reactions and delve into the strain slowly. Since the effect isn’t too psychoactive, it’s unlikely you’ll have increased paranoia, but it’s best to begin slow to ensure you get the best outcome and experience.

What are Gelato’s Effects?

The THC levels and balanced hybrid profile, coupled with the waves cerebral and body effects, make the Gelato Strain a favorite choice for medicinal purposes as well as recreational uses.  Since this strain has a powerful numbing effect, it is particularly helpful as a treatment for aches and pains.  Since it’s a mood enhancer, it’s also a great choice for those with mood disorders.

Since it’s a potent strain, Gelato is sought after by experienced cannabis users.  If you’re new to cannabis, or sensitive to its effects, you should monitor your reactions, and delve into the strain slowly.

With gelato, there’s no doubt we love the taste, but the effects are the main course.  Despite being an indica-dominant strain, the high is a heavy head buzz, but it isn’t overly sedating.  This is an all-around potent strain that is effective for even experienced users, and newcomers should be wary at first until they get used to the effects.  But fear not, as it’s not likely to cause a strong paranoia effect.

The effect is an initial head rush of euphoria, which gives you a fast sense of increased mental stimulation, and you may find yourself a bit more focused.  As the high builds and you relax, you’ll feel the effects roll throughout your body, washing over you as it calms each part.

Possible Side Effects of the Gelato Cannabis Strain

Standard side effects apply, but with the addition of added anxiety, which can be attributed to the fast acting nature of the Gelato Strain. Remember to help counter any dry eyes or dry mouth by staying hydrated.

Growing the Gelato Cannabis Strain

If you’re interested in growing your own Gelato Strain you’ll need to get plant trimmings to create clones since Gelato Strain seeds aren’t available commercially. If you do try it, be forewarned it’s not an easy strain to grow, and not recommended for new growers.

It can be grown indoors or out, but it requires a warm, humid environment, with steady temperatures around 75oF. This makes it more ideal for indoor growers. While the temperature should remain consistent, to get the best outcomes you’ll want to expose the plants to colder temperatures just before the flowering phrase. This will stimulate the anthocyanin pigments.

We don’t have consistent information on the yield size, but judging from the parent plants (Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint) it likely has a higher than average yield.

  • Flowering in 8-9 weeks.
  • Harvest ready outdoors: Mid October
  • Medium height
  • Yield: estimated to be higher than average
  • Scent: Strong

Be forewarned, just as the use of the plant makes itself known, so does the growing. It has a strong scent that permeates the area, so you will want to incorporate odor control measures, such as filters, especially carbon air filters, or exhaust fans into your growing environment if you choose to try out this strain.

Gelato: A Smooth and Creamy Dream of a Strain

The Gelato Strain is not the easiest strain to find, but we assure you, the effort is worth it.  The combination of the parent plant traits, Thin Mint and Sunset Sherbet, ensure that you get the delicious taste combination that’s hard to forget.  It just plain tastes great, even before you get to the effects!  It’s the balance between a solid high effect with the complete relaxation that affords you the mind rush that motivates you, whether for creative work or socializing, or for therapeutic needs.