Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
September 28, 2023

In this comprehensive analysis, we will conduct an in-depth comparison between two highly sought-after cannabis strains Blue Cheese and MTF (Matanuska Thunder Fuck). By examining their origins, genetics, appearance, aromas, effects, medical applications, growing considerations, and popular uses, we aim to provide a thorough understanding of the unique qualities that distinguish these strains.

This post is intended as information and for general knowledge only. It is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is recommended that you talk to a healthcare professional about this before introducing cannabinoids into your daily routine (especially if you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions or are under any medication). It is not recommended to drive or operate any machinery when using cannabis- or hemp-derived products. Use responsibly!

Origins and Genetics

Blue Cheese Strain

The Blue Cheese strain arises from the skilled crossbreeding of Blueberry and UK Cheese strains, creating an intriguing indica-dominant hybrid. This mingling of genetics results in a distinctive experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

The name “Blue Cheese” is evocative of its aroma and taste. It ingeniously blends the sweetness of ripe blueberries with the unmistakably pungent and earthy notes characteristic of UK Cheese.

The indica-dominant genetic heritage of Blue Cheese ushers users into a realm of profound physical relaxation. Yet, remarkably, it maintains a cerebral euphoria that stimulates the mind.

MTF (Matanuska Thunder Fuck) Strain

The rugged landscapes of Alaska birthed the remarkable MTF strain, a testament to the resilience that nature can infuse into cannabis. The harsh conditions of this locale are believed to have nurtured the strain’s potency and robustness.

MTF is a sativa-dominant hybrid, the product of mysterious genetics that intrigue growers and enthusiasts alike. Its lineage remains a topic of speculation and fascination within the cannabis community.

MTF captivates with its aromatic symphony of earthy tones, citrusy accents, and a subtle undercurrent of spice.

Appearance and Aroma

Blue Cheese Strain

The flowing text describes Blue Cheese buds as compact and medium-sized, showcasing a spectrum of green shades interwoven with delicate hints of blue. These buds sparkle with a frosty coat of trichomes, akin to a dusting of morning dew.

The interplay of greens and sporadic purples makes Blue Cheese a visual masterpiece, captivating the eyes of even the most discerning observers.

The olfactory encounter with Blue Cheese is akin to a journey where the sweetness of blueberries intertwines with the tangy allure of well-aged cheese.

MTF Strain

MTF presents a distinct visage, with larger, loosely structured buds. These buds boast a pale green complexion, enlivened by bursts of orange hairs and a mesmerizing layer of glistening resin.

The buds are adorned in light green, accented by fiery pistils that create an arresting visual contrast. A generous mantle of trichomes adds a touch of enchantment.

The MTF strain enchants with a scent characterized by earthy nuances, bright citrus undertones, and subtle threads of inviting spice.

Effects and High

Blue Cheese Strain

As the blue dream unfolds, Blue Cheese delivers a harmonious convergence of physical relaxation and uplifting mental sensations. It’s a symphony of bodily calm and cerebral euphoria.

The effects of Blue Cheese make it a preferred companion for moments of unwinding, stress relief, and creative endeavors.

The blueberry lineage of this strain is the secret behind its appetite-inducing qualities, a boon for those seeking a solution to waning appetites.

MTF Strain

MTF is renowned for its heady highs, like jack herer opening the door to an expansive landscape of energy and positivity. This strain bolsters focus, kindles creativity, and invites sociability.

MTF’s potent cerebral effects should be approached with mindfulness, particularly by individuals who are sensitive to higher levels of THC or those desiring profound physical relaxation.

Medical Applications

Blue Cheese Strain

In the realm of battling stress and anxiety, Blue Cheese stands as a stalwart ally, ushering in tranquility and fostering a sense of calm.

The terpene-rich bouquet of Blue Cheese lends itself to pain relief, making it an appealing option for individuals grappling with persistent pain.

For individuals confronting appetite-related challenges, Blue Cheese steps in as a natural solution, rekindling the desire to eat.

MTF Strain

MTF’s elevation of mood and energy levels positions it as a contender in the fight against depression and fatigue.

While not as profoundly analgesic as indica-heavy strains, MTF’s properties can still offer respite from mild to moderate pain.

Some individuals find that MTF’s focus-enhancing effects provide relief from the challenges posed by ADD/ADHD.

Growing Considerations

Blue Cheese Strain

Whether nurtured indoors or amidst the embrace of nature outdoors, Blue Cheese adapts gracefully to both environments, a boon for growers of diverse preferences.

The genetic heritage of Blue Cheese equips it with a sturdy armor against molds and pests, ensuring a smoother growth journey.

The indoor flowering period of 8-10 weeks yields a bounty of quality buds, a testament to the efforts of dedicated growers.

MTF Strain

MTF thrives under the sun’s gentle caress in an outdoor haven, where temperature and climatic conditions remain steadfast.

The challenges that MTF cultivation may present are handsomely compensated by generous yields and the ultimate gratification of a superior product.

The growth of MTF dances in rhythm with the changing seasons, necessitating meticulous timing for a successful outdoor yield.

Blue Cheese Strain

Blue Cheese extends an invitation to a harmonious union of relaxation and elation, beckoning those who seek equilibrium.

The captivating aroma of Blue Cheese transforms it into a delightful participant in relaxation practices and aromatherapy sessions.

Culinary adventurers find joy in harnessing Blue Cheese’s unique flavors, infusing their creations with an unmistakable twist.

MTF Strain

MTF’s forte lies in its ability to elevate the mind to greater heights, a characteristic that draws seekers of profound experiences.

MTF thrives in the realm of social engagements and creative pursuits, guiding users toward unexplored territories of focus and inspiration.

For recreational users in pursuit of a memorable high, MTF extends an invitation to partake in its exhilarating voyage.


The realm of cannabis strains opens its gates to a vibrant tapestry woven from the blue dream of Blue Cheese and the electrifying embrace of MTF. Each strain emerges as a unique masterpiece, handcrafted by nature herself. The choice between these two luminaries rests upon individual inclinations, the desire for specific experiences, and the intention behind their use. Through an exploration of their lineage, appearance, aroma, effects, medicinal contributions, cultivation nuances, and favored applications, enthusiasts are poised to make educated decisions in this rich and diverse landscape of cannabis.