Stephen Hawking Kush Strain

August 29, 2020
Stephen Hawking Cannabis Strain Review
Stephen Hawking Cannabis Strain Review

Stephen Hawking, as we all know, was an English theoretical physicist whose ideas regarding exploding black holes and quantum physics made him the Einstein of his generation. Amazingly enough, he achieved this while having ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) – an incurable and progressive neuromuscular disease. 

Overall the Stephen Hawking Kush (or SHK) strain allows you to focus more by reducing pain, tension, and stress, which often inhibit reactions and outlooks. With a low THC level, it is not a high-inducing strain at regular doses and allows you to be generally more focused and mindful in the moment. This makes it a great product to use to increase those activities that engage both the mind and the body. It enhances the effect of being mindful and deliberate.

Like its namesake, the Stephen Hawking Kush strain is an incredible genius for relieving pain and tension, allowing those using it to focus and increase their motivation and attention to get stuff done! This strain is one of those called the “Great Minds,” which focus on higher CBD levels, which helps you be more mindful and deliberate in your focus and thinking. It is a cross of the Harle-Tsu strain and the Sin City Kush strain.

Stephen Hawking Kush: Appearance and Flavor

An overriding hallmark of the SHK cannabis strain is its ability to engage the mind and body. It does this for itself, too, with its engaging aroma and looks.

Sounds good, but what does it smell/taste like? Well, one of the unique things about the “Great Minds” is their look and aroma, both of which are robust. SHK offers a bright, minty flavor with some bitterness, making for a strong tang. There are woody flavors as well, but there’s also the distinct root scent that you get from the Harle Tsu strain that is a bit musky and earthy.

Speaking of its appearance, the first thing you may notice about the SHK flower is its purple coloring. It is a normal medium size that is pretty well round and has the look of a ragged sativa bud. The leaves also have the crystal-like white coloring of the trichomes, which makes them even prettier but also sticky.

Stephen Hawking Kush Effects

It is considered to be fast-acting, with users noting how they can feel the waves of relaxation starting at the neck and then flowing down through the body to the core, then out to the limbs. This progression increases a sense of calm and peace, similar to the direction of mindfulness and meditation guides who encourage the progressive body area relaxation focus. When using SHK, you can actually follow the process rather than directing it, leading you to the end goal, which is relaxation to enable more thoughtful, deliberate, mindful approaches to your work or goals. Other effects include:

  • Progressive relaxation;
  • Fast acting;
  • Subdued euphoria;
  • A clear mind and free thinking – open the mind to creative thinking;
  • Mild high.

If you have tried meditation, you also know the results of your mind wandering. SHK offers a similar outcome, which, while it will not increase your brain power, definitely opens you up to the conditions for mind wandering and free-association thinking. This can be helpful in some instances but probably not the best time to focus on the more analytical or detail-oriented work.

Its low THC levels are not likely going to give you the “couch look” high, but it is enough to have an effect, to basically “take the edge off.”

Stephen Hawking Kush May Help with Issues

High in CBD and low in THC, this may be a good choice..

Possible Side Effects of the Stephen Hawking Kush Cannabis Strain

The higher CBD level typically counters and alleviates all the negative tendencies in this strain. You will likely get the cotton mouth effect (dry mouth) and eyes, which leads to redness, but these are mild. Stay hydrated.

While low, there is THC in this strain, so taking it at higher than average doses can increase side effects, and add to them, such as dizziness and being “zoned out,” so be aware of the effects it has on you and how much you are taking.

Whether you are looking for quick relaxation, relief from pain or stress, or even enhanced experience for those activities that engage activity and brain power, this is a great choice to take the edge off and get a boost in awareness and creative thinking. With a lower THC level, you will not get the “high” from normal dosing, and you still get to enjoy the sense of euphoria.