White Widow Cannabis Strain: What To Know

July 22, 2021
White widow cannabis Strain Review
White widow cannabis Strain Review

The Ultimate Guide To The White Widow Cannabis Strain: Everything You Need To Know

White Widow is a legend.  Afterall, it has easily been one of the most in-demand strains for decades.  And, fortunately, it’s a strain that’s every bit deserving of its reputation.  One of the absolute best hybrids out there, it’s a must-have if you’ve never had the pleasure of its sweet and soothing effects.  Let’s explore White Widow more closely as you’re likely to add it to your list as soon as you’re done reading this awesome review.

Overview: What is White Widow?

White Widow is a hybrid that leans ever so slightly toward the sativa end of the spectrum.  It’s estimated to be somewhere around 55% sativa-dominant, although 50/50 phenotypes do exist.  White Widow is known for its impressive THC potency, which is usually around 25%, although earlier forms of the strain typically capped off at 20%.  In fact, White Widow was one of the first ultra-potent strains to enter circulation, which has a lot to do with why it quickly rose to acclaim around the world.  The strain comes from crossing Shiva Skunk with Northern Lights #5, and any connoisseur will tell you that it’s quite an impressive linage.  It’s named after its appearance, as the nugs have a cloudy white appearance thanks to the impressive coating of milky trichome crystals that coat gorgeous mint green cannabis buds.

What Does White Widow Taste and Smell Like?

White Widow is known for its really distinctive and unusual flavor and aroma that are, thankfully, extremely appealing and appetizing.  There’s an undeniable muskiness that’s extremely pungent, and very characteristic of the strain.  You’ll notice sweet fruity notes in flavor and aroma on top of that muskiness, and strong notes of pepper and bright lemons that offer a sour and spicy kick.

What are White Widow’s Effects?

In terms of effects, the strain is extremely uplifting, and can make the user feel relaxed, tingly, and mellow.  For night-time use, a White Widow high can mean waking up in the middle of the night since it typically starts off with something of an energy boost.  It’s also an excellent wake-and-bake strain since rather than feeling groggy and unfocused, the effects from this cannabis strain can actually make a person feel motivated, calm and collected, as well as super focused.  The White Widow strain’s effects can be quite long-lasting, and overall, the strain is preferred as a solid daytime option for people looking to feel relaxed but not sleepy.

The strain contains higher amounts of THC than most other sativa-dominant strains, so you can expect a high with euphoric and creativity-boosting effects.  However, the strength of the high will depend on your genetics and tolerance.  The most noticeable aspect of the strain is the general uplifting effects, as opposed to the stoned type of relaxing feeling associated with many other long-time classic strains.  Expect to get some cottonmouth, and prepare for some coughing since the strain can be quite harsh when inhaled.

Growing White Widow

The White Widow needs a lot of attention, but the rewards will last a long time. The White Widow strain is tricky to grow because it needs an “over-the-top” approach to thrive. The strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. When grown indoors, White Widow needs a lot of light to produce proper buds, so grow a forest of it! When grown outdoors, grow White Widow in partial shade with little supplemental lighting.

You can buy the White Widow seeds directly from Organa Herbal Health, which are grown from hybridized OG Kush and Skunk #5 DNA. If you’re interested in growing the White Widow for yourself, you can purchase pre-shredded seeds. Before you purchase seeds, take a quick peek at this guide about growing The White Widow seedlings.

White Widow: Worth the Hype for Hybrid Lovers

White Widow is a true hybrid in every sense of the word, and can give you a really nice feeling of both euphoria and focused relaxation.  Because of that, it’s surprisingly versatile, although we ultimately don’t recommend it at night because it may interfere with being able to fall asleep.  And, despite its extreme potency, it really is quite easygoing, with paranoia and similar side effects being rare.

Still, even though White Widow is a cool name and a great strain to grow, it isn’t the only strain that can be grown successfully. There are some other strains that do much more well than the White Widow, but in terms of a strain’s all-around potential, this is undoubtedly one of the best.

However, if you’re ready to see what all of the fuss is about with this iconic cultivar, now you know what you can expect once its high kicks in.