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Where to Buy CBD Flower in Connecticut

CBD is a booming market in the state of Connecticut, where more and more residents are discovering that they can enjoy a wide array of properties that are unique to the hemp plant thanks to its dazzling compounds including its most dominant one, cannabidiol.  CBD comes in all kinds of forms, including vape oils, tinctures, […]

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Colorado

For quite some time now, the state of Colorado has been associated with its cannabis-friendly attitude as well as legal status.  In fact, a good portion of the hemp used to make CBD products sold on the market is grown in Colorado, so it is not surprising that this is a state in which CBD […]

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Arkansas

As cannabidiol (CBD) continues to grow in popularity due to a booming hemp market, we are finding that a lot of Arkansas residents are beginning to take a keen interest in exploring the many properties of the hemp plant, from which CBD is derived.  Today’s market offers a wide array of quality products including gummies, […]

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Alabama

Alabama residents are showing more enthusiasm for CBD, as are residents all over the country.  The hemp boom has inspired many people to explore cannabidiol-infused products in order to see whether or not they can find relief that they are looking for in a natural and holistic way. Any Alabamian can explore all kinds of […]

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Alaska

Alaska residents are more apt to try hemp than ever before as the market has grown and evolved to reach a wider audience.  Here, residents are free to explore the full range of quality CBD products that now exist, in order to maintain a daily routine with the cannabinoid in a way that suits their […]

Is Weed Delivery Legal in My State?

Is Weed Delivery Legal in My State? For many Americans, it is hard to remember a time when they had to go through shady means to acquire marijuana.  In states in which weed is legal, there are dispensaries located in many neighborhoods that allow enthusiasts to simply go into a shop and purchase as much […]

Is Weed Legal in My State?

With laws being different from state to state – and with laws changing and people moving, the question “Is weed legal in my state?” is a common one. Here we cover all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Weed Legality per State? Weed has been used throughout the world for thousands of years, and evidence of […]

Delta 8 in California

Can I Get Delta 8 in California? Those who live in California are no strangers to cannabis, as the state has one of the most liberal policies regarding marijuana in the country.  But there’s another plant belonging to the cannabis genus that has won over Californians, and it’s hemp.  This cousin to marijuana offers its […]

Hemp and the 2018 Farm Bill

How Hemp and the 2018 Farm Bill effects FDA-regulated items The 2018 Farm Bill explicitly preserved FDA’s authority to regulate products including cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds under the FD&C Act as well as section 351 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act).   FDA deals with products having cannabis or cannabis-derived substances as it […]

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