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Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower Strain

About the Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower Strain Sour Diesel is the offspring of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk strains, so it joins the bitter fuel flavor with sour citrus. It’s a favorite of all audiences, from recreational to therapeutic users, as well as for those interested in growing, because it’s a popular, potent strain […]

Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

  About the Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain The Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain is an indica-leaning hybrid that gives it’s users a relaxing, happy sensation throughout their mind and body. It’s also known as Pink Cookies and is a variant of the Triangle Mint strain. As you may expect, the strain is tasty and fun, but […]

Purple Haze Cannabis Strain

About the Purple Haze Cannabis Strain You probably heard of this hybrid sativa-dominant strain from the Jimi Hendrix song that it was named after, but this hybrid Sativa leaning strain with a berry flavor appears to trace it’s roots back to the Haze strain crossed with the Purple Thai strain, to deliver a potent happy […]

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

About the Chemdawg Cannabis Strain What do you get when you cross a dude named Chemdog, a bunch of seeds, and a Grateful Dead Concert? We don’t know either, because in that scenario we probably forgot the question, but urban legand tells us that’s how we got the Chemdawg strain. We have no clue if […]

Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain

About the Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain When you hear the name you undoubtedly think about a rush of power and flying, but be prepared, it’s not an instant high. The Jet Fuel Strain takes a few moments, so be ready to taxi to take off when using it. This hybrid strain is also known as […]

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

About the Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Durban Poison sounds ominous, but let’s explore why: as a 100% Sativa line from South Africa, a continent with a centuries long history of growing cannabis, or dagga, with a 25% THC, this is one of the most potent and powerful strains available, making it a top choice for […]

Jack Frost Cannabis Strain

About the Jack Frost Cannabis Strain The Jack Frost cannabis strain is a balanced Sativa / Indica hybrid with a solid THC content at about 22%. You’ll get a strong euphoric high that increases your creativity and reduces your pain, both physical and stress related, that lasts for up to three hours. The child of […]

Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain

About the Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain The Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain, also called the Sour D  or Sour Deez strain, is an aptly named sativa-dominant hybrid for it’s strong, fuel-like scent, which is fast acting, invigorating and energizing while still delivering a dreamy head high that has given the strain it’s cult-like following. While its […]

Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

About the Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain Yep, we know, you saw the movie, loved it, and now you’re into it. But truth be told, this strain was around long before the stoner pal movie came out. The idea had to come from somewhere, right? The Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain has likely launched a thousand screenplays […]

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

About the Blue Dream Cannabis Strain The name itself conjures images of relaxation, lingering, and gentleness, which is the perfect image for this classic product. It’s not a deep “couch-lock” high but delivers a truly remarkable sense of peace and euphoria as it flows over your soul. (This strain is sometimes referred to as Azure […]

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