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AK-47 Cannabis Strain

About the AK-47 Cannabis Strain No doubt the first thought when reading the name of this strain is that it’s powerful and in your face. You aren’t wrong in thinking that, but overall, the strain is a bit more subtle than it’s name suggests … just a bit. The strain gives a very mellow, long […]

OG Kush Cannabis Strain

About the OG Kush Cannabis Strain Live in the moment. It’s as if the entire concept of mindfulness is contained within this strain. The OG Kush Cannabis Strain is quite possibly the most famous and most in demand marijuana strain globally. This hybrid strain is heavily Indica leaning, at a 3:1 ratio, and is believed […]

Ringo’s Gift Cannabis Strain

About the Ringo’s Gift Cannabis Strain The first thing you might think of when hearing the name of this strain is the immensely talented and energetic drummer from the Beatles, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Ringo Starr was part of an incredible gift to the world of music and culture, and the name of this […]

Sweet and Sour Widow Cannabis Strain

About the Sweet and Sour Widow Cannabis Strain The Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis strain was driving by the desire to increase the CBD content of a popular strain, the White Widow. They did this by crossing the White Widow strain with another, resulting in a 1:1 CBD:THC strain that is useful and effective for […]

Stephen Hawking Kush Cannabis Strain

About the Stephen Hawking Kush Cannabis Strain Stephen Hawking in case you don’t know was an English theoretical physicist whose theories about exploding black holes and quantum physics made him the Einstein of his generation. Amazingly enough he achieved this even though he acquired ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) – an incurable and progressive neuromuscular disease. […]

Harle-Tsu CBD Hemp Flower Strain

About the Harle-Tsu CBD Hemp Flower Strain The Harle-Tsu CBD strain (Harlequin Tsunami) is a high CBD cannabis product that is a 60/40 hybrid indica/sativa variant. It is a cross between the Sour Tsunami and Harlequin strains, specifically bred to deliver the high CBD with little to no THC, making it ideal for medicinal use […]

Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower Strain

About the Harlequin CBD Strain Harlequin is a hemp flower strain considered a CBD strain best used for those with a lower tolerance or new users. It’s a consistent strain for it’s CBD to THC ratio, so it’s considered a reliable product for predictable effects and results. It offers a consistent ratio for reliable results, […]

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

About the Cannatonic Cannabis Strain As one of the most famous medicinal marijuana strains, the strain, originally developed by Resin Seeds, it combines a high CBD and high THC combination, typically leaning towards a higher CBD content than THC. Originally targeted to be a 50/50 balance of CBD and THC, that hasn’t proven replicable or […]

ACDC Cannabis Strain

About the ACDC Cannabis Strain The award winning ACDC Cannabis strain (it won several Cannabis Cup awards for it’s high CBD content) is a hybrid of the Ruderalis and the Cannatonic strain, meaning it’s a 50/50 split of Sativa and Indica, although in some instances it may lean a little higher towards the Sativa. Sativa: […]

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