Millennials, Baby Boomers and basically anyone with the financial stability of a job, has been wondering for ways to invest their money to get ‘high’ returns, but forget that one the best returns today is investments in weed. In just the last fiscal year 2019, most of the industry was seeing losses; however, it had ended the year  higher by almost 47%. Although this shows how volatile investing in marijuana is, but with ‘high’ returns you too can gain much or even more profit earned from investing in other industries.


One of the highest and fastest growing marijuana stocks to invest in is the Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. (IIPR), whose stock price had grown from 72.45 106.51 which a 47% increase in just one year and has a market cap of $1.3 Billion currently. The company is real estate investment trust which focuses on acquisition, ownership, and management in industrial properties; the company has a history of managing large financial investments in different industries and has offices in multiple states and is headquartered in California. IIPR’s investments consist mainly of properties which are used for the cultivation and production of medical-use cannabis.

Another company you can focus investing is Amyris Inc, which a biotech company which specializes in engineering yeast to products different types of products such as cannabinoids. Although at the moment the stock price of Amyris has one of the lowest price to sales ratio and low returns, the chance of the demand for cannbis will change with the legalization of marijuana in different states such as Florida, which will increase the prices to sales ratio; thus, increase returns on investments – follow the motto ‘Buy low, sell high’. In addition, with the Covid-19 pandemic still going strong and affecting millions of people and the economies of the world, by investing in companies such as Amyris, which recently launched a brand of hand sanitizer, it will help to decrease the spread of one of the most deadly diseases in the world; so by investing in Amyris you will be helping cannabis to help save the world!





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