Weed sales are skyrocketing. Check out what it’s like to get it delivered to your door during the pandemic.

weed sales

  • Cannabis sales shot through the roof during the coronavirus pandemic with legalized states seeing a bump in business and delivery becoming more popular.
  • Eight out of eleven states with legalized marijuana deemed recreational marijuana an essential business.
  • Check out what it’s like to visit a dispensary or ordering delivery during the pandemic.
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Cannabis Sales

Cannabis sales have weathered the coronavirus pandemic well despite stay-at-home orders around the country.

In fact, sales have been booming in states with recreational cannabis markets such as California, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, according to Reuters. Legalized states have seen a 50% increase in business across the board with some states such as Michigan getting a 57% increase in sales, according to The Detroit News.

Most legalized states, such as California, categorized medical and recreational marijuana sales as essential, according to a report by Market Watch. Some states, like Massachusetts, only deemed medical marijuana as essential and shut down recreational stores. Nevada is only allowing delivery while Maine recreational stores have yet to open since legalization, the report said.

While the cannabis industry has fared well during the pandemic, the process for customers purchasing marijuana has changed as delivery becomes more popular, and social distancing is required inside shops.

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