• No – old weed is not dangerous in and of itself and should cause no issues assuming the original cannabis product was free of preservatives , insecticides and other chemicals in the first place. However there are things to be aware of and look out for.

Does weed get old and lose its potency over time?

  • Yes – weed loses psychoactive potency with time as cannabinoids, and THC in particular, degrade with time. Time will also reduce terpenes as the total amount is reduced with degradation and as different terpenes may be affected differently the flavor of the cannabis as well as the texture can change, becoming increasingly dry and a less vibrant color. 
  • Calculations have shown that after 1 year cannabis THC levels decrease by about 16% after a year but this increases to over 40% after 4 years. This rate can be higher or lower depending on storage conditions

How can I keep my weed fresh?

Proper storage is key and the bud should be kept in a cool dry place without light as more hydration, heat and light can accelerate degradation and oxidation of the herb. 

What should I look out for?

Watch out for mold. This is the most potentially dangerous thing that can get you sick as smoking marijuana that has developed mold means that when you inhale the spores from that mold may enter the lungs where they can cause dangerous infections – particularly in users who are partaking for medical reasons, especially patients that are immunocompromised (such as cancer or AIDS patients ). 


We do not recommend that smoky cannabis be used. Clues that mold may have developed include gray or white powdery appearance and/or a ‘moldy’ aroma which is usually easier to detect for most people.  Other descriptions of the smell of mold include musty or mildewy. 


Choosing the right weed storage container

For longer terms storage – plastic bags are not your friend as they create electrostatic which can affect the potency of the trichomes.


The most important element of a good container for cannabis storage is that there should be an airtight seal which doesn’t allow oxygen into the container. The tighter the seal the better. And forget those funny little tins, too, because they let in too much oxygen.


These containers will also help maintain a better and stable humidity level as the container should not allow humidity in or allow it to escape. Too little humidity can lead to the dryness of the weed while too much accelerates cannabinoid degradation and the likelihood of developing mold.


Lastly the container itself should be stored out of sunlight which can also accelerate degradation and the preferred temperature is cool – but neither too warm – nor too cold. 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is a safe range.


The short answer to the question “Does Weed Get Old” is no, but we’ve all dug through dried out nugs trying to sift the better stuff out. So while it doesn’t get old, go bad, or become dangerous, it does lose potency, and it decreases in the overall enjoyment levels. Weed storage is critical to maintaining and protecting your stash, be it from time, weather, or most importantly, children! Be safe, use proper cannabis storage, and make sure your stash stays fresh.