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Headband CBD Hemp Flower

The Headband CBD Hemp Flower is the love child of OG kush and Sour Diesel, creating a hybrid strain with effects coming on slow so make sure to pace yourself. It’s smooth and creamy smoke has accents of lemon and diesel. The long-lasting effects of Headband CBD are fantastic for pain relief and stress relief. Many have reported the effects give them slight pressure around the head, giving it the name Headband.

3.5 Grams - 1/8th oz
7 Grams - 1/4th oz
14 Grams - 1/2 oz
28 Grams - 1 oz

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Kyle Q.
5 months ago
Great Product!

Works great. Gives a glear head and helps to take away stress and anxiety well. Love this strain a lot, and will be recommending this company to all my friends and family.

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