About Us

Our mission is to provide many people worldwide with safe and legal access to cannabis products and information.
We do that by partnering with the best and most efficient partners, whether locally or internationally and we are working on creating groundbreaking innovations, by making and delivering our products more sustainably and our hope is to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Based in Los Angeles, California, weed.com we will be launching new sites such as Farm.com soon – extending our reach in the marijuana industry to the growth and cultivation of cannabis and hemp.

Our team is led by Alex Tabibi – a former physician who became an advocate of the cannabis industry has seen the benefits enjoyed by patients – particularly those suffering the effects of HIV and different cancers – whether treating side-effects of the disease or the effects of chemotherapy.

We have a team of writers, product specialists, and technologists who are all committed to the continued growth, safe access and legalization of the industry, whether it’s for THC-related products or CBD or other cannabis compounds.

As we continue our growth, we look forward to helping people enjoy their lives and with less stigma, whether it’s through the reduction of pain, anxiety or sleep, etc.