How to Take HHC-P

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
August 21, 2022
hhc-p flower in pack
hhc-p flower in pack

Hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHC-P) is a cannabinoid most of us have never heard of until now, and one thing that stands out about it is its intense potency.  HHC-P has the ability to be 10x more intoxicating than HHC, which means that you need to be extra aware when it comes to how you take it.  While it’s not toxic in any way, taking too much can lead to some uncomfortable side effects that are associated with getting too high.

Some General Rules For Taking HHC-P

Before we break down the best rules for taking each HHC-P product type, let’s offer some general guidelines that will help you no matter what kind of delivery method, strain, and strength you’re taking.

  • Look for Serving Instructions: The good thing is that all HHC-P products are supposed to have clear dosing directions on their label, to take out the guesswork when it comes to knowing how much to take.  These directions come straight from the manufacturer, who has ideally tested the product to figure out exactly what counts as a good serving size.  So, following the directions is always a good way to be sure you’re taking the product properly.
  • Know Your Tolerance: Another thing to keep in mind is that your tolerance to HHC-P may be very low if you’re not used to such intoxicating cannabinoids.  So, because of that, make sure to take your tolerance into account when dosing.  For instance, if you’ve only ever used delta 8 THC before, in, say, the form of a 25mg gummy, don’t dive into a 25mg HHC-P gummy, as your tolerance probably isn’t there yet.
  • Go Easy: No matter what, whenever you try a new cannabinoid and/or a new product type, you want to go slow and easy as you get used to its effects.  It’s better to be a little less high than you bargained for than so high that your entire day is thrown out of whack.
  • Be Patient: Remember that most product types don’t kick in instantly – take edibles, for example, which may require 2 hours before you can feel their effects.  Wait for the right length of time before deciding that a product “doesn’t work,” and you end up taking more.

How to Take HHC-P According to Product Type

Each product type absorbs into the body in its own way, and that determines how it should be taken to get the best results. 

How to Use HHC-P Flower

HHC-P flower is just raw hemp flower infused with hexahydrocannabiphorol distillate.  Whether you’re smoking or vaping it, we urge you to start with 1-2 puffs max as a first-timer.  Wait for 20 minutes, and after that time has passed, you can decide whether or not you want to take more.  While smoking and vaping are two different methods for consuming it, the dosage is considered the same, because there’s little difference when it comes to how the cannabinoid absorbs into the body, whether it be in the form of smoke or vapor.

Now, if you’re using flower to make edibles, that’s a bit more complicated.  Making edibles with flower first requires making an infused butter, which is used in place of regular butter in a recipe.  Making HHC-P infused butter is actually pretty straightforward – first, you decarboxylate (heat) the flower to activate its properties, which requires baking approximately 2 cups of flower buds for about 20 minutes at 250 degrees.  Then, you add the flower buds to a sauce pan with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of butter, and simmer on low for about 2 and a half hours.

So, how do you dose edibles with HHC-P flower?  We suggest following a recipe that uses flower-infused butter, of which there are many online, and cutting the amount of HHC-P butter in half, since HHC-P flower is more potent than other psychoactive flower products.  To make up for halving the HHC-P butter in the recipe, use regular butter for the amount you left out.

How to Start Vaping with HHC-P Vapes

There are two main ways to vape HHC-P. 

  1. Vape cartridge – aka a 510-threaded cartridge that arrives pre-filled with vape oil, which attaches to a rechargeable battery device.  These cartridges come in many strains, but their dosing guidelines are all the same.  And, the same rule applies to vapes as it does to flower.  1-2 puffs is ideal as a beginner, and you can wait 20 minutes or so before deciding whether or not you want more.
  2. Disposable vaping devices – All-In-One vaping systems that are never recharged or refilled, and ultimately contain the same vape oil formula as cartridges.  Because of that, you’ll want to still stick to the “1-2 puffs” rule.

How to Savor Those HHC-P Edibles

Edibles are really easy to take, since each piece contains an equal number of milligrams of the cannabinoid.  If you’re totally new to HHC-P, it’s best to go with no more than 5mg per serving.  Believe us – 5mg of HHC-P can be plenty to get you quite high.  You can always build up your milligram strength as your tolerance gets higher. 

Also, like we said before, it can take up to 2 hours for the HHC-P to absorb, and even 3 hours if you consumed your edible on a full stomach.  It’s recommended to eat a gummy within 30 minutes of consuming a moderately sized meal for that reason – on an empty stomach, the effects can be far stronger, and on a full stomach, the effects can be somewhat subdued.

So, does the type of edible matter?  Ultimately, what’s considered the ideal milligram strength is the same no matter the type of edible, but they can absorb a bit differently depending on the product type. 

  • Gummies and other food items all absorb in basically the same way, taking about 90-120 minutes to fully absorb and become effective. 
  • Capsules absorb just a little faster since they generally contain fewer ingredients, meaning that the body can digest them more efficiently. 
  • Beverages can absorb within 60 or so minutes, because their water-solubility means that they absorb into the body at a faster rate.  They can also be slightly more potent due to the manner in which they absorb, but not to the point that you’d need to adjust your dosage to make up for it.

How to Take an HHC-P Tincture

Assuming you’re taking an HHC-P tincture sublingually (under the tongue), best to wait 60 minutes before deciding whether or not you want a bit more.  As for the dosing amount, follow the directions on the label, since milligram strengths of a tincture can vary a lot, and a full dropper of the formula can therefore contain anywhere from, say, 10 to 50mg of the cannabinoid.  In most cases, a full dropper is too much for a single serving.

Now, if you’re using a tincture as an additive for food or beverages, which many people do, you will need to go about the process a little differently.  The recommended milligram strength for a single serving remains the same, in that you should follow the directions on the label.  If you’re making something that has multiple portions, like a cookie recipe, just multiply the amount for a single serving by the number of servings that’re in the batch of what you’re making.  Simple as that.

How to Get Your Dab On with HHC-P Dabs

HHC-P dabs are the most powerful HHC-P product in the world.  These are concentrates that are more or less cooked down so that each serving is phenomenally potent.  That being said, if you’re an experienced dabber, one puff is a great starting point – trust us.  Dabs hit hard and fast, so you will know in about 15 minutes if it’s worth going in for another puff off of your dabbing piece.  And, if you’re someone with a low tolerance to psychoactive cannabinoids, avoid dabs altogether until your tolerance builds.

Keep in mind that there are two ways to dab:

  • Option #1: Through analog equipment, like using a dab rig.
  • Option #2: Through electronic devices like dab/wax pens. 

Whether you’re using analog or electronic dabbing equipment, the suggested dosage is the same, because no matter what you are using, all dabbing equipment produces vapor which absorbs into the body in the same way.

Maximize Your HHC-P Experience by Taking It the Right Way

The key to having the best HHC-P high possible is knowing how to take it the right way.  Having an understanding of the different delivery methods and product types available, and how each one allows the cannabinoid to absorb into the body, will offer insight into the proper amount that you should take, along with the different ways to enjoy that product.  Essentially, when it comes to trying out a new cannabinoid, and especially one as potent as HHC-P, you want to go slow and easy as your body gets used to its powerful psychoactive properties. Check more on thcp vs hhc-p. Carries HHC-P Products Here!