11 Comedy Legends Who Smoked Weed

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 28, 2021
Weed and Comedic Actor
Weed and Comedic Actor

If there is one thing that unites all of us, it’s the ability to laugh.  Also, there have been many comedic legends over the years who have gifted humanity with their ability to make us forget about our troubles and laugh away our day-to-day stresses. But weed helps. We’ve reviewed some of the best and made our own selections of the top 11 Comedic Legends Who Smoked Weed.

It should not come as a surprise that many of the most iconic comedians were and are, in fact, fans of marijuana.  Many comedians have said that weed helps them write funnier jokes and put aside their troubles to focus on the funnier things in life.  After all, doesn’t every one of us love getting the giggles after we smoke a bowl?

Now, presenting the most iconic comedians who smoked cannabis.  Some of these names won’t surprise you, while others just might.

Comedic Legends Who Smoked Weed

#1: George Carlin

It’s hard to talk about comedy legends without George Carlin’s name coming up.  He wasn’t the most controversial comedian of all time, but many do credit him for his ability to influence societal opinions by showing the humorous side of life.  Carlin was outspoken and opiniated, and yet he always maintained a fairly straightlaced image that made him appeal to a wide range of comedy fans.  He did an interview with Playboy in the 1980s, where he talked openly about his marijuana use.  He found it relaxing and appreciated its ability to inspire him to write jokes.

#2: Whoopi Goldberg

Today, it’s easy to forget that Whoopi Goldberg started out by doing cutting-edge comedy, where she fearlessly talked about issues regarding race and gender at a time when it was more controversial to do so than it is today.  Goldberg has been an outspoken pot advocate for years, and even financed her own cannabis company recently.  Goldberg uses the stuff for pain, as she has been a headache sufferer for quite some time.  She believes it has medicinal value and aims to inspire others to be more open-minded about it.  She’s also a strong believer in legalization.

#3: Lenny Bruce

Controversial comedic star Lenny Bruce wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s hard to deny the major impact he had on the comedy world.  He was not afraid of pushing peoples’ buttons, and followed the golden rule of “punching up,” which earned him a reputation as being a troublemaker during his era.  Bruce was arrested for obscenity multiple times and believed in free speech above all else.  Bruce became a stoner early on, during his time spent overseas during World War II.  When he returned to his home in California, he fell into the bohemian scene and inevitably began what would be a lifelong love affair with cannabis.  Fans tend to point out the influence that this counterculture had on his delivery and sense of humor, as well as his overall fearlessness as a boundary-pushing pioneer.

#4: Joe Rogan

Now the host of one of the most successful podcasts of all time, Joe Rogan got his start on the comedy scene.  He did not start smoking weed until he was 30 years old, and quickly found that it helped him in many ways.  He was so inspired by his own success story that he created a documentary that calls out the societal hypocrisies around getting high and has since exposed the ways in which corrupt political systems have played a role in keeping it illegal.  On his podcast, he frequently discusses marijuana with his guests, and famously smoked with Elon Musk during one of his more memorable episodes.

#5: Pete Davidson

Okay, so he might not be a comedic legend just yet, but it’s worth pointing out Pete Davidson’s experiences with marijuana as he’s been quite open about his reasons for using it.  Davidson has discussed at length his experiences with mental illness and has said repeatedly that marijuana has helped him manage his mood.  He uses his experiences to send a powerful message about the ways in which weed may help others who face the same struggles.

#6: Dave Chappelle

Dave Chapelle is comedy gold and has been one of the most outspoken comedians of his generation, using comedy to inspire discussions about race, class, and other hot topics in our society.  Chapelle’s Show was one of the most-watched comedy programs of all time, and his movie Half Baked continues to be a cult classic to this day.  Chapelle never minced words about his cannabis use.  Simply put, he finds solace in smoking weed, and believes that criminalizing it is nothing short of ridiculous.  Chapelle still does stand-up today, but not as frequently as he did since he seems to crave the spotlight less and less as time goes on.

#7: Seth Rogen

Comedian and actor Seth Rogen has been one of the stronger advocates for marijuana over the years, and has even admitted to being high all day, every day.  He is not sure if it’s had an impact on his writing, but he has said that it helps him maintain a good mood throughout the more mundane moments of life and helps him enjoy the actual act of writing better.  Rogen has famously starred in weed-centric movies over the years, and believes that it should be legalized due to the potential that it has to offer health benefits to people in need.  Rogen has also been a champion for the development of cannabis-based products for dementia.

#8: Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a well-known pothead who has been vocal about her weed use for years, both in her performances and in interviews.  Sarah talked about her love of edibles and getting high before bedtime.  She is even discussed the ethical issues relating to its criminalization, believing that it should be legalized.  Silverman is known for her edgy jokes and her appearances on celebrity roasts, where she intertwines marijuana humor with boundary-pushing commentaries on social justice.

#9: Joan Rivers

Yes, Joan Rivers rolled and smoked a doobie.  Many people only know of Joan Rivers as an older woman who made snarky jokes relating to celebrity fashions, but she was actually a groundbreaking comedian for her time, being one of the first females to push the envelope like her male contemporaries.  Her career first exploded in the 1960s, largely thanks to Johnny Carson’s support, and she maintained a successful talk show for years before focusing on red carpet events.  In interviews, Rivers has said that she enjoys weed, although we don’t know when she started smoking it or if she continued to use it up to the final days of her life.

#10: Chelsea Handler

Star of Chelsea Lately and Netflix’s Chelsea Does, Chelsea Handler is a well-known person in comedy, and soon to be a big name in the world of weed.  In fact, she has never been shy about her marijuana use. Chelsea even wrote an entire episode of Chelsea Does about weed and had even posted a photo on Instagram with the herb!

#11: Robin Williams

One of the funniest men in comedy, movies, and on TV who had ever lived, Robin Williams had a soft spot for Mary Jane.  From the 1970s through the 2000s, Williams truly left a legendary mark.  In fact, Robin Williams would often joke about weed on stage. In a later bit, Williams laughs at the thought of the firemen putting out California forest fires while getting high off burning marijuana plants.

Cannabis and comedy seem to share a closer relationship than the average person may think, with many of the biggest acts in history being proud stoners.  Whether they used it to chill out before going onstage or to write their most legendary routines, it’s clear that they all found it helpful in one way or another.