Industrial Hemp Farms Brand Overview

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 24, 2021
Hemp Farms Industrial Review
Hemp Farms Industrial Review
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    Industrial Hemp Farms Brand Overview

    With new hemp brands popping up constantly these days, it’s always nice to come across a company that has been consistently delivering high-quality CBD goods for many years, with an exceptional reputation that challenges the most buzzworthy manufacturers to hit the scene.  Industrial Hemp Farms has been supplying some of the finest hemp that the market has ever seen for quite some time now, and their catalog is easily one of the most impressive that you’ll find, whether you’re a daily cannabidiol user or a retailer looking to sell hemp-derived products to customers.

    Industrial Hemp Farms: About the Company

    Industrial Hemp Farms was one of the first big names to hit the CBD market, and their reputation has lasted as one of the leading brands in the United States. Offering both retail and wholesale options, their catalog is simply massive, and they’re one of the three top distributors of hemp goods worldwide, which should give you an indication of their ability to consistently and reliably deliver.

    Industrial Hemp Farms works exclusively with Colorado hemp farmers, being based in the state themselves, and they currently have operation facilities located in Denver, Colorado Springs and Oregon in order to meet demand. 

    Products Made by Industrial Hemp Farms

    Basically, whatever it is that you’re looking for on the hemp market, Industrial Hemp Farms likely not only has it, but offers one of the best-quality options throughout the industry. Their collection of products is enormous, and a lot of their ability to offer so many unique types of products come from their relationships with hemp farmers, which enables them to continue growing their catalog with top-shelf flower and extracts.

    One thing that Industrial Hemp Farms specializes in is strains. Simply put, their selection of hemp strains is absolutely spellbinding.  This is especially apparent in their vape cartridges, which come in one of the widest selections of strains available today. The same goes for their flower products.

    Dabbing enthusiasts will enjoy checking out their selection of concentrates, which is more generous than what you’ll typically find.  Isolates, distillates, slab, shatter, and more are available to those who want a more potent way to experience the effects that the hemp plant has to offer.

    Their CBD oils collection is equally extensive, with all kinds of milligram strength options and formulations consisting of various desirable compounds in the hemp plant.  Their CBD:CBN oils are particularly popular.

    Quality and Practices

    With Industrial Hemp Farms, there is no questioning their commitment to quality and reputable practices.  After all, being one of the leading hemp distribution companies, their reputation did not come out of nowhere.  Of course, the brand employs third-party lab testing for all of their products, and makes these lab reports available.  Also, they are known for their in-house production that helps to aid in the maintenance of quality control, while ensuring the benefit of keeping the prices refreshingly low.

    Industrial Hemp Farms uses the most advanced extraction and purification methods when crafting their products, with a strong dedication to providing some of the cleanest, purest, and most potent hemp that exists today.  You will undoubtedly notice this when you taste their products, which have superior flavors that come from the quality of the extracts and flower alone.

    Furthermore, the company has a fast turnover rate due to high demand, which means that you can always count on getting a fresh product.  This particular aspect is often overlooked, but the freshness of a hemp product plays a massive role not only in the flavor, but the effectiveness as well.


    One thing Industrial Hemp Farms is known for is their prices, which are often lower than the competition.  Again, this has a lot to do with their in-house manufacturing, as outsourcing can cost companies a pretty penny.  But it also comes from the fact that they do a lot of wholesale, and therefore their overall business model allows for more affordable prices.

    A Brand You Can Trust

    Without a doubt, Industrial Hemp Farms is one of the most trustworthy hemp suppliers in the world.  They’ve been a leading company on the scene for years and are constantly working hard to maintain the highest quality possible.  No matter what kind of hemp product you’re looking to incorporate into your routine, Industrial Hemp Farms won’t disappoint.