Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Distillate Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 17, 2021
Review CBD Distillate Industrial Hemp Farms
Review CBD Distillate Industrial Hemp Farms
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    Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Distillate Review

    Industrial Hemp Farms has given us a lot of unique and exciting ways to experience the hemp plant, and one of their most versatile options is the CBD distillate that they have developed using cutting-edge methods that are a step above the rest.  CBD distillate is a highly pure form of cannabidiol that looks similar to sugar crystals and can be applied in all different kinds of ways to satisfy your unique preferences. 

    The Packaging

    Industrial Hemp Farms always does a stellar job with the packaging, both in terms of providing accurate and comprehensive information about what’s inside the package, and in terms of ensuring that the product stays as fresh as possible.  The CBD distillate that they produce does come in an airtight container that prevents oxidization which could interfere with the potency level of the cannabidiol.  CBD distillate is flavorless, so the flavor does not need to be protected, but its chemical stability does.

    The Transparency

    Industrial Hemp Farms is always transparent when it comes to their products, and they are especially so with their CBD distillate, knowing that a lot of hemp users do not quite know a lot about this unique type of product.  They are clear about where they get their industrial hemp plant material from, which is organic Colorado farms, and where their products are made, which is in house, as they have three facilities throughout the country.  CBD distillate is a pure product, so there is no need to list ingredients here.


    The CBD distillate offered by Industrial Hemp Farms comes in a variety of purity levels, with the other composition of the product being composed mainly of terpenes that naturally occur alongside the cannabinoid.  Further, they offer distillates of other cannabinoids including CBN and CBG for those who want to explore the properties of these compounds.


    Other Actives

    The distillates produced by Industrial Hemp Farms are not made with additional active ingredients, as the entire concept revolves around offering the purest forms of straight cannabinoids as possible.  Other active ingredients would interfere with the purity, thus making them undesirable.

    Overall Formula

    Again, distillates are all about purity.  Therefore, the formulas do not contain any ingredients but pure cannabinoid extracts, as other ingredients would disrupt the purity levels that the company works so hard to achieve.


    Industrial Hemp Farms does do lab-testing with all of their products, which means that you can count on the product being high in quality.  The lab-testing process involves sending out batches of hemp extract to third-party testing facilities registered with the state, which analyze each batch carefully for purity levels and other important indicators of overall quality.  The lab reports are sent back to the company, and the company does share them with consumers who want to learn more.

    Flavor Profile

    CBD distillate is supposed to be flavorless, as it is not meant to have any flavor compounds such as terpenes.  Therefore, the clean, flavorless taste that you’ll get with these distillate products actually indicates exceptional quality, which is what you’re looking for.  You can add the distillates to formulas that are flavored if you want something that tastes a specific way.

    Type of Experience to Expect

    With distillates, your experience depends on how you use them, as they are highly versatile products that can be used in all kinds of ways.  You can use them to make edibles, you can vape them with other ingredients or you can apply them to the skin – the possibilities are endless.  Because they are distillates, they will only deliver the properties associated with the cannabinoid from which they are derived, as they are meant to be free of terpenes and other compounds that occur in hemp.

    Our Final Opinion

    The CBD Distillates from Industrial Hemp Farms offer one of the widest varieties of distillate products, with each one having been thoroughly lab-tested, and derived from local, organic hemp material.  The quality is hard to deny, and the purity levels are among some of the best on the market today, making this company a great option if you are looking to find out what distillates can do for your daily routine.