Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Flower Review

February 24, 2021
CBD Flower Review Industrial Hemp Farms
CBD Flower Review Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Flower Review

Industrial Hemp Farms offers a truly dazzling variety of high-quality hemp products, ranging from tasty gummies to delta 8 concentrates, but their bread and butter could very well be their selection of CBD flower.  While it is becoming more common for companies to offer flower products, Industrial Hemp Farms was one of the first to provide a huge collection of strains and sizes.


The CBD flower from Industrial Hemp Farms comes properly sealed, which is so important, especially with flower products that degrade faster than oils and quickly lose both their flavor and potency.  By keeping things nice and airtight, you can count on your flower being super fresh in a way that allows you to taste the difference right off the bat.  The packaging tells you the strain and how much is in the package according to its weight.


Industrial Hemp Farms has always maintained stellar transparency with their products, and their CBD flower is no exception.  They’re quite clear about where the plant comes from, as it’s grown in Colorado.  The flower is fully organic, and you can trace the flower back to the farms if you so choose, in the brand’s effort to ensure maximum traceability for a more trustworthy experience overall.


The CBD flower that’s available at Industrial Hemp Farms comes in one of the largest strain selections on the market today.  Here, you’ll find a huge variety of both highly popular strains and rarer ones that are harder to find on today’s market.  There is a great array of indica, sativa and hybrid options, and it is almost impossible not to find at least one strain absolutely perfect for your individual needs.  Further, you can choose from a truly massive variety of sizes according to weight.


Other Actives

Their CBD flower does not contain any actives, as this is not what CBD flower is for.  This type of product is meant to give you a complete hemp experience that is as nature intended, and theoretically, no other ingredients are needed to give you the results and experience that you’re looking for.

Overall Formula

The CBD flower made by Industrial Hemp Farms does not contain any additional ingredients, being simply the raw, pure buds of the hemp plant that have been cured through natural means.  They do not contain any fillers, flavoring or preservatives.


Industrial Hemp Farms does have all of their products lab-tested, as any hemp company should.  The CBD flower is tested by a third-party laboratory that is registered with the state, and each batch is sent to the lab for a full analysis.  This analysis includes testing for impurities, checking the chemical composition and more.  The lab reports are available through the company.

Flavor Profile

Because this CBD flower is so profoundly fresh, you can expect a complete flavor profile that’s bold, complex and very clean-tasting.  Each strain has a unique flavor profile that comes from its specific terpene composition, and so each strain will taste differently, while still having the general taste for which hemp is known. 

Type of Experience to Expect

The CBD flower from Industrial Hemp Farms produces an exceptionally clean and smooth hemp experience thanks to its beautiful balance of compounds as they naturally occur in hemp.  The flower is most commonly smoked or vaporized, with either option giving you a fast-acting and more potent way to explore these compounds, while being short-lived.  Of course, CBD flower is non-intoxicating, so do not expect any psychoactive effects.


You can also choose to cook with the flower, which will allow you to experience the properties of hemp in a more subtle way, but for up to eight hours.

Our Final Opinion

The CBD flower offered by Industrial Hemp Farms gives you everything you could ask for from the raw buds of the hemp plant, being available in a multitude of strains and quantities, and being pure, clean and fresh, as it should be.  Whether you’re a hemp enthusiast who enjoys the plant on a casual basis or you’re a retailer looking to stock up on supply, this CBD flower is an excellent choice.