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Blue Dream - Binoid Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge


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The Binoid Delta 8 Blue Dream Cartridge is great for having the sensation of full-body relaxation after a loooong day. Feeling stressed? Blue Dream is the strain for you. A hybrid, this cannabis offers a complete package of relaxing and resting effects, which makes it one of our top sellers. It’s known to be good for calming, happy, and motivated feelings. And what could be better than that?

You might feel: creative, uplifted, and energetic.

Flavors: blueberry, berry, and sweet.

Terpenes: Myrcene (herbal), Pinene (pine), and Caryophyllene (pepper).

Helps with: depression, chronic pain, and nausea.

Possible side effects: dry mouth, paranoia, and dry eyes.


Why Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge?

Blue Dream Delta 8 Cartridge is delightfully sweet and is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy a sweet treat with their cannabis. It is also great for those wanting to wind down after a long day. 

There are many benefits to choosing a Blue Dream delta 8 vape cart. In general, carts for vaping are easy to operate, so they are one of the best options out there and are a good choice for people new to vaping or using hemp-derived products. Anyway, its benefits would include: 

  1. Discreet and portable. Nice and comfy when you are on the go or do not want to draw attention to yourself. 
  2. Convenient. You have finished one; just attach another. Change them, mix them, and try new ones! 
  3. Easy-to-control dose. The effects of vaping do not take as much time to kick in compared to edibles. By starting slow and knowing the exact dose in one cart, it is easy to regulate your intake and not overconsume.

In addition, Binoid’s Delta 8 TCH Vape Carts are also quite affordable, and each of them has its own special features. 

Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Cartridge Benefits?

As a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Blue Dream has attracted many newbies and experienced users. A cross between Blueberry and Haze resulted in fantastic effects of a balanced high with full-body relaxation. Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Cartridge would give you a variety of potent effects of relaxation and uplifting sensations to calm your body and mind. Respectively, this is a great choice for those who try to ease their symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and nausea. This cart yields a rich sweet berry taste. 

Being rich in Binoid’s special Delta-8 formula, this cart also has all the positive effects of delta-8 THC. Being an appetite booster, it is also suitable as an additional treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, stress, depression and bipolar disorder, and chronic pain. In addition, compared to delta-9 THC, delta-8 also has much fewer adverse effects. 

Important notice. Delta-8 THC is not scientifically proven to be a medication. Consult your doctor or your healthcare provider before using any hemp-derived products as they may react with some medicines. It is not advised to use when drinking alcohol, driving, or operating any machinery.

How to buy on Weed.com?

The best place to buy Delta 8 Blue Dream Cartridge is on weed.com – one of the best cannabis marketplaces with a wide range of hemp products from the best manufacturers. You can shop from an extensive range of edibles and pick up something new every time you order. New customers also get special discounts. Moreover, we provide free shipping for each order over $19.

If you have any questions or concerns, our customer support service is always there to help you choose what you need, answer your questions, and chase away all your worries.

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Linda D.
2 years ago
it great

great customer service and really fast delivery and the product is wonderful very happy

Kay H.
2 years ago

The taste of the blue dream is probably my new favorite. I felt more of a head high in the beginning, after a few hits it starts to hit harder.

Jennifer W.
2 years ago

Great taste and very relaxing. Would buy again

Evan A.
2 years ago

Excellent. Binoid has the best delta 8 carts around!

Gabriela I.
2 years ago

This one is hands down my most favorite one ever, I really do feel like I'm dreaming lol

Walt M.
2 years ago

The taste was very good the blue berry flavor is nice… it also gave me very relaxing good sleep that I usually don't get… I love the focus during the daytime also

Haley R.
2 years ago
Great for relaxing

Gets me chilled out without too much of a head high. Loved it. Great for right before bed or after a long day at work.

2 years ago
Great flavor!

Blue Dream is the only 'staple' flavor I love. It has a light kick, relaxing but I think more clearly. Blue Dream won't let you down.

2 years ago
I love it.

I used to vape weed and thought I'd give this a chance. It gets me high but I'm more focused, awake and not paranoid. And the other plus is it's much cheaper. Definitely ordering regularly.

2 years ago
Good Clean product

I ordered this after trying a couple of other brand cartridges I picked up at my local shop. The thing is, if you're going to go with a Delta-8 product, you need to go with a good manufacturer. The other brand cartridges left me feeling really messed up the next day. This stuff does not. It produces a milder effect than delta 9, but there's no "hangover" the next day, and it's why I'm ordering nothing but Binoid for my Delta 8 needs from now on. It's a good, pure product.

Gabhriel R.
2 years ago
Love it!!!

first delta 8 cart & i absolutely love the taste & vibe!!

Jeremiah M.
2 years ago
Very relaxing.

I use this one in the evenings, after work. It really does get me relaxed, which helps me fall asleep sooner.

Ashlie R.
2 years ago
Really like it!

Very smooth and full flavor… one of my favorites!

Tricia A.
2 years ago
Good Taste

Love the flavor. Helps with my Fibromyalgia.

Julian E.
2 years ago
It tastes great, and got me super stoned.

I was a little skeptical at first due to the cheap price but once it arrived I was pleasantly suprised. THIS PRODUCT IS SUPER HIGH QUALITY!! It tastes great, and got me super stoned, similar to that of a D9 indica.

Susan H.
2 years ago
Definitely will explore Delta 8 further.

Perfect for a little pick me up. It's allows me to accomplish more physically with it than without it.

Donnell J.
2 years ago
Good product

Enjoyed in evening while winding down to watch movie in evening

Natasha V.
2 years ago

Helps me relax and relieves tension. Great for the end of the day.

Rocky P.
2 years ago

Taste and works great, will purchase again!

Francesca S.
2 years ago

Amazing! Fantastic customer service to boot 🙂 would rather buy from here than my local spot

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