Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks
Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks
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Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks

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This may be the closest thing you’ll ever get to walking on the moon. Our hemp moon rocks will make you feel weightless, as if you are floating through space. Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks is something that will make you super high and give an unforgettable experience.

You might feel: hungry, happy, and giggly.

Helps with: anxiety, stress, and depression.

Possible side effects: paranoia, dry eyes, dry mouth.

Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks Benefits

Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks is a very potent hemp-derived product that is especially great for those looking to relieve pain, anxiety, or sleep disorders, in general, for those seeking intense therapeutical effects. 

For those unaware, Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks are hemp buds dipped into the hash oil and rolled in kief. This makes a very potent (almost like dabs) and long-lasting high. However, using Moon Rocks can be messy, as they are mostly smoked in a dab rig, bowl, or rolled in a joint, but without grinding them. 

Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks Effects

Being fortified with Delta-8 THC gives Moon Rocks incredible effects. As a young substance in terms of being legal, delta-8 THC hasn’t been the subject of much research regarding its effects and its possible therapeutical use. So, the following information is according to the experiences of Moon Rocks users. You might feel:

  • Being uplifted
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Stress relieved

It was also agreed that delta-8 THC is a great supplementary treatment for anxiety; bipolar disorder; depression; chronic pain; nausea, and sickness (especially for those undergoing chemotherapy).

Important note: it is strongly advised to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before consuming any hemp-derived products, especially when on other medication, as they may react with each other. It is not recommended to drive, operate any machinery, or drink alcohol when using. Use responsibly!